Extreme Battler, Dosledge-
Extreme Battler, Dosledge

Extreme Battler, Dosledge– #V-BT11/021EN (RR)

[AUTO](RC):When [Stand] by a card’s ability, perform the effects below depending on the number of times this unit [Stand] by a card’s ability this turn. • 1 time ‐ This unit gets [Power]+10000 until end of turn. • 2 times ‐ Soul Charge (1). • 3 times ‐ Until end of turn, this unit gets [Power] +10000, and your opponent cannot call sentinels from his or her hand to (GC) during the battle that this unit attacked.
Date Reviewed: December 7, 2020

Rating: 3.00

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Saikyo's Avatar

So…on one hand, the extra 10k is nice, at least it doesn’t need to be boosted, and yay for the fact it can soulcharge upon the second stand, which as I mentioned earlier the deck does sorely need to be able to do all its shenanigans, but how easy is it to actually stand twice? I mean efficiently anyway. Hank’s a -1, but we’re looking to save cards here, I don’t care that Viktor gets Drive +1 after it does the second re-stand. Kick Kick Typhoon’s another option to save yourself some hand, but…it’s just a shame Viktor pays the cost for everything at once, you know? The third skill? Well, that’s a pretty big ask, since we’ve already had to pay costs for Hank and Viktor. Even with a Kick Kick on a spare Accel circle it’s not a good idea to assume the opponent won’t do anything to try and disrupt your board, and almost everything popular has a RG killing mechanic somewhere. Like Blasters. ESPECIALLY Blasters. So treat the sentinel seal as a nice bonus, but nothing more. It’s just winmore.

But anyway, as this is the only unit that actually gets back soul and allows spare plays with Hank, I’d say this is a Viktor staple just for the soulcharge, making Viktor a CB1 to attack again and +1.

Now we just need a Countercharge that doesn’t suck. Bring the Hungry Dumpty. Come on, don’t be a pussy Bushiroad.


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