Deadheat Bullspike
Deadheat Bullspike

Deadheat Bullspike
– #V-EB09/002EN (VR)

[AUTO](VC):When your unit attacks, COST [Soul Blast (1)], and move all of your force markers to that unit’s circle. [AUTO](VC)1/Turn:When the attack of your unit on a circle with a force marker does not hit, draw a card, choose one of your opponent’s rear-guards, and retire it.
Date Reviewed: October 25, 2019

Rating: 3.0

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Saikyo's Avatar

I wanted this and Seigfried to work together, but sadly Force 2 doesn’t stack. So as its own thing, obviously it’s meant to have everything attack massively…as long as you’re dedicated to riding a lot, and I mean a LOT (it’s Bad End Dragger plus this for the shenanigans really), and if you don’t hit it’s a -1 to the opponent which is nice, but not exactly something to really change the game: at that point I’d want to assassinate hand rather than anything on the field currently and Spikes are pretty hard up for hard advantage, so really I’d rather have super dedicated soft advantage.

All in all I prefer Seigfried. At least he’s live Turn 3, is always a source of Pressure and gives your opponent less outs.


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