Clay-doll Mechanic
Clay-doll Mechanic

Clay-doll Mechanic
– #V-EB06/008 (RRR)

[AUTO](RC):When placed, if you have a total of four or less cards in your hand and rear-guards, draw a card. [AUTO](RC):When you Counter Blast, COST [retire this unit], and Counter Charge (1).
Date Reviewed: 
June 12, 2019

Rating: 2.0

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Saikyo's Avatar

Urgh. Four or less cards on the field and hand total? So it’s basically saying “if I’m losing, make it so I’m losing a little less, and when I’m not losing, I’m just a -1 to CC”. In a clan that struggles to plus as it is?

FUCK no. I mean the G1 lineup for Novas isn’t Great, but to this that this will replace the slots for one of them makes me weep. Wait until Accel 2 becomes a thing so Novas can actually have a game. Until then…


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