Friday, August 19, 2022

Trading Cryptocurrencies: Avoiding Fees and Losses

These are tips I wish I had learned from the start to reduce lost profits. Use GDAX If you use Coinbase to convert dollars into cryptocurrencies,...

How to Record Vocals Professionally

While vocal effects chains in a DAW can fix a lot of unwanted blemishes in a recording, it's much easier to get the vocals...

Intel’s 8th Gen Coffee Lake CPU’s

Specs Additionally useful information: * All use Intel's UHD 630 integrated graphics * All support HDMI 2.0 and Display Port 1.2.  * They must be paired with DDR4...

A Guide to Pop Filters (for Microphones)

Using a pop filter is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to make a meaningful improvement on the recording quality of your microphone....

CPU Comparison: i3 vs i5 vs i7 Processors

Years ago, Intel made the i3, i5 and i7 names to help consumers compare and stratify the CPU's in a simple way.  However, as...
Power Supply

Guide to Buying a PC Power Supply

  What is the best bang-for-buck price range? $50-60 (give or take). Can I get away with buying the cheapest power supply? Maybe, but wouldn't do it.  The...
Cougar Conquer PC Case

Simple Step-By-Step PC Building Guide – In-Order

How to Build a PC - Step by Step Before Working Inside of The Case 1) Remove both side panels of the case (and other removable panels...

Video Card Comparison: GTX 1050, 1060, 1070, 1080

  Price and Benchmarks   1050 1050 Ti 1060-3GB 1060-6GB 1070 1070 Ti 1080 1080 Ti Price $110 $150 $200 $270 $410 $460 $510 $710 G3DMark  4393 5757 8696 8778 11003 12234 12072  13594 Cumulative 100% 114% 195% 210% 289% 337% 365% 446% Relative +0% +15% +72% +7% +38% +17% +8% +22% Benchmarks were from Passmark and Userbenchmark.  Of course, take these numbers with a little skepticism because (a) some users...
BenQ Gaming Monitor

Ideal Size for a Desktop Monitor

In my personal experience, a 22" monitor was rather small (it's hard to get immersed when the whites of the walls are still visible)...

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Speed

The most ideal way to get fast internet is to plug an Ethernet cable from your router into your computer.  However, for those who...