Friday, June 2, 2023

New Google Gadgets and Gizmos

October 4th was a big day for Google as they announce a lot of new technology products coming to consumers very soon. Read more...

PC and Mac Aren’t All That Different!

As someone who owns a Macbook Pro laptop, a Windows desktop and an Android smartphone, I'm about as non-partisan as it gets.  For this...

Tips for Buying Studio Monitors (Reference Speakers)

What are studio monitors? They're also sometimes called reference speakers or loudspeakers.  They are speakers designed for monitoring mixes of songs, instruments, vocals, and...

PC Repair Diagnostics

This article is a set of tips for those who cannot get their computer to turn on (or otherwise cannot get the image onto...
Laptop Ram

Guide to Upgrading Laptop Parts

Very thin laptops tend to have all parts soldered to the motherboard, so they are not upgradable.  Thicker laptops are often upgradable.  In upgradable...