Sunday, November 27, 2022
Power Supply

Guide to Buying a PC Power Supply

  What is the best bang-for-buck price range? $50-60 (give or take). Can I get away with buying the cheapest power supply? Maybe, but wouldn't do it.  The...

Which PC Parts Retain Their Value?

Some may caution against building a PC because an expensive PC will lose its value in a couple of years once it becomes obsolete. ...

Are All-In-One PC’s Worth It?

AIO PC's (All in One PC's) are now more common than tower PC's.  In all fairness, they are simpler, more compact and it's easier...

When is it the “Right Time” to Build a PC?

No matter what year you build a PC, the following year is usually going to have lower prices and better processors introduced (and you...

The Tech Purchases We Regret

This is a very brief guide for tech consumers based on lessons learned in my personal experience and observation.  Take whichever tips you feel...
Laptop Ram

Guide to Upgrading Laptop Parts

Very thin laptops tend to have all parts soldered to the motherboard, so they are not upgradable.  Thicker laptops are often upgradable.  In upgradable...

Boosting Battery and Performance on Android

After seeing numerous friends try to nurse a slow phone and low battery by deleting a bunch of inconsequential apps and downloading a ineffective...

Is Building A PC Worth It?

If you are looking at the low-end price range (i.e. under $300-350), it's not necessarily a good idea to build it your self.  You...

10 Tips for Assembling Your First PC

These are little things that I wish I knew before I built my first PC.  Hopefully, I save you a lot of time and...
AMD Ryzen 3

AMD Ryzen vs. Intel Core Processors

For the past several years, many PC enthusiasts have lamented, in general, that Intel's processors have only been advancing incrementally and that they lacked...