Metapulsar, Mystery-freeze Dragon
– #G-BT11/002EN


Date Reviewed:
October 6, 2017


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Reviews: 2.75

Saikyo Cardfighter R

Let’s wrap this up with this new, haxxy finisher. Mystery-freeze Dragon is a bit of an odd card. I wrote an article recently about diminishing returns (it’s on the old site, the boss still hasn’t migrated everything over) and this is one of those cards subject to it. For CB2 you gain no additional power, but the ability to seal guard based on the top 4 cards of the deck. As long as you score a Grade 1 then cool-beans, but compared to Glory-G Units like Gilles de Rais, Nouvelle Vague L’Express it’s a bit expensive. But it’s CB2 because if you score a Grade 3, then it’s a direct +1 to you as well as a guard-sealer. Fair enough…if you score one.

That, inherently, is my main problem with Mystery-freeze. It steals wins when its user probably doesn’t deserve it, but at the same time, the number of “what ifs” that need to be asked are so high that it’s almost always never going to be used as anything other than a desperation tactic. And rule of thumb, never use anything that assumes you’ll be losing. What’s worse is how chance-based it is. Fail to seal a Perfect Guard with this skill and you’ve only got an overcosted +1 to yourself, and information the opponent can use: bind anything useful? The opponent now knows where it’s NOT: in your hand.

Basically a Demiurge or Chronofang setup engine for binding. Chronojet has better finishers than this.



So what nee cheezeball GR does Gears get this time around? Well, it’s certainly a roulette effect; you’re trying to land on 1 and/or 3 when you bind in order to get the most bang for your buck. But sadly, that’s a little too gimmicky for my liking. Even in Demiurge where you want to set up binds this is too random to work unless you’re already nearly there.

Run 1 for the lulz i guess