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April 2005 Goat Format Guides

There are far more knowledgeable players than myself on this format, so I suggest learning from them.  These two websites are good resources for...

Yu-Gi-Oh! [Goat Format] Premature and Call: Maximizing their Value

This article is going to focus on Goat Format as an example, but it's not limited to it.  However, much of the general principles...

[Goat Format] “Standard Exarion Goat” Deck List

Ring of Destruction

The Ban List that Ended Goat Format

This revolutionary ban list ended the Goat format.  It eliminated some degenerate combos and reduced power creep though some superfluous decisions remain. Larger life point...

[Goat Format] “Standard Goat Control” YuGiOh Deck Profile

YDK File: Many of the ratios in this deck have become standard in the Goat Format, particularly the ones in the Spell/Trap lineup. In standard...

[Goat Format] “Flip Effect Chaos” / “Chaos Turbo” Deck Profile

YDK File: Basics Known as Flip Effect Chaos or Chaos Turbo, this Goat Format deck focuses on (a) maintaining card advantage through discarding floaters (b)...

[Goat Format] “Angel Chaos” YuGiOh Deck Profile

YDK Link: This deck tries to combine the strong early game that Shining Angel offers with the late game benefits of having both Chaos...

Wilson Luc’s Revolutionary 2005 SJC-Topping Deck [Goat Format]

Shonen Jump NJ was near the beginning of when a new ruling meant that Thousand-Eyes Restrict could be flipped up manually the same turn...
Mefist the Infernal General

[Goat Format] Mefist the Infernal General – YuGiOh!

Pros: * DARK for Chaos, and a better one than Jinzo in most matchups. * Very similar strengths as Airknight Parshath with the piercing and an...
zoo siding

[Goat Format] Countering Zoo, Aggro, and Beast Decks

We've established that the goal of a Zoo deck is to secure a quick win early game.  It does this by asserting strong field...