Hello, everyone.

These are the top 8 decks for Format Library Championship #19: https://www.formatlibrary.com/home/flc19-top-8-deck-lists

This is a legacy format tournament for the mid 2005 Goat format.  But we see mostly Chaos and no decks with Scapegoat.

The top decks were 1 Earth Aggro, 1 Flip Control, 2 Chaos Warrior, 3 Chaos Turbo, 1 Chaos Return.

The winner is an Earth deck, which we don’t see too often.  This deck is a mix of Ratbox (giant rat), Warrior aggro and has lesser used cards like Goblin Attack Force and The Rock Spirit.

The premise of Goblin Attack Force.  You can attack over anything (GK Spy, Chaos Sorc, any beater in aggro decks).  Yes, it goes to defense mode, but many Chaos decks feel obliged to switch their flip effects to attack mode to take it down, which leaves their life points vulnerable to damage.  2300 attack paired with 1700 from Rock Spirit or DD Assailant is a perfect 4000.  2 of those swings = a win.

Here is the list, with the duelingbook link.  Hope you enjoy.  https://www.duelingbook.com/deck?id=8591828