I’m happy to be back at Baneful’s Column!

Here is the deck list he used to win a competitive Goat Format (mid 2005 legacy format) tournament

His deck list is mostly the standard Chaos Turbo with a few differences. He does not run Card Destruction or Night Assailants. And he used 3 Sakuretsu Armors because he expected aggro decks in the tournament.

The difference between Chaos Turbo vs. Chaos Control. Chaos Control is more focused on the long game. It has more boss monsters, the chaos monsters + Thousand-Eyes Restricts via Metamorphosis. However, Chaos Turbo focuses more on speed and milling the deck; this allows for more consistent draws and drawing into the deck’s power cards faster.

For the side deck. Berserk Gorilla and Spirit Reaper are against aggro. Asura Priest against Goat Control. Mind Control, Trap Dustshoot and Kycoo against Chaos Turbo.

And a long video of him reviewing his matches. What better way to explain than to just jump into the gameplay?