Here are the top 8 decklists.

Of course, the majority of decks are Chaos Warrior and Chaos Turbo decks.  That’s the meta.  Goat Control decks with Scapegoat (the namesake of the format), while still solid, have been overtaken in the meta by other decks.

The strangest thing about this tournament are the top 3 decks.

#1 is a Skill Drain burn deck with Zombies.  Trap-heavy Burn decks have topped these types of tournaments before.  With how diverse the format has become, players are siding counters to goats, aggro/warrior and chaos turbo all at the same time, leaving minimal room to side deck against burn.

#2 is a very unconventional monarch deck.  With Cold Waves, Cyber Steins and Jar of Greeds.  No Soul Exchanges, but it makes sense considering this deck wants to make aggro plays and push for damage.

And #3 is a hybrid between Warrior Aggro and Gravekeepers.