Zeroth Dragon of Inferno, Drachma
Zeroth Dragon of Inferno, Drachma

Zeroth Dragon of Inferno, Drachma
– #G-BT13/001EN

[Ultimate Stride] (Released when the number of face up cards in your G zone is three or more! When it would return to your G zone, exclude your G zone!)-Stride Step-[Choose a card with the same card name as your vanguard, and discard it] Stride this card on your (VC) from face down. [AUTO]:[Counter Blast (2)] When this unit is placed on (VC), you may pay the cost. If you do, retire all of your opponent’s units, bind them face up, your opponent chooses three cards from his or her hand, discards two cards from among them, and rides a card from among them on (VC) as [Stand]. (The vanguard is retired as well, he or she rides a card from the soul if there are no cards in the hand. If it is not possible to do anything, he or she loses the game.)
Date Reviewed: January 5, 2018

Rating: 3.5

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This is of great relevance to me, of course it is. The second Zeroth Dragon has a pretty baller ability that isn’t really Megiddo levels of hand destruction but it’s still pretty good. Now, some people will probably look at this and think “so what, I’ll just toss two cards with low shield and ride one of my spare Grade 3s”. It’s actually not as simple as that. This is typically dropped Late Game, which is when the opponent’s hoarding Perfect Guards. So if they had anything with low shield, that is what they’d want to toss as the cost. What this does is force them to lose three other cards, making the PGs seem more expensive. Even if that doesn’t happen, the crafty and alert player can actually get the opponent down to Grade 2 or lower, sealing Generation Guard for the turn.

You’re going to want to drop this when the opponent’s on 5 damage for best effect of course, but you have Zeigenburg so that shouldn’t be difficult. If the hand’s huge though Zeigenburg needs to soften it up first, don’t rush to this.

Best used in: Blademaster, as the GB2 recycles fodder in preparation and Conroe can search Lava Flow to set it up. It also has many cards that can force 15k guard out of the opponent such as Jargo, Nadel, Mubdi and Yssar to push. If not, Shadowstitch Murakumo to destroy even more hand.


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