Zeroth Dragon of End of the World, Dust
Zeroth Dragon of End of the World, Dust

Zeroth Dragon of End of the World, Dust
– #G-BT14/003EN

[Ultimate Stride] (Released when the number of face up cards in your G zone is three or more! When it returns to the G zone, remove your G zone!)-Stride Step-[Choose a card with the same card name as your vanguard from your hand, and discard it] Stride this card on your (VC) from face down. [AUTO]:[Counter Blast (2)] When this unit is placed on (VC), you may pay the cost. If you do, until end of turn, your opponent’s vanguards and rear-guards lose all of their abilities, and their grade and [Power] increase or decrease to 1. If the number of cards in your opponent’s damage zone is four or less, choose one of your opponent’s vanguards, and deal one damage. (Perform a damage check. Triggers will also activate)
Date Reviewed: March 16, 2018

Rating: 4.5

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It’s this. I don’t even know what this is doing here. Oh, by itself it’s a very competent, if not entirely perfect way to apply the squeeze on the opponent. It’s what you use this WITH that makes this bullshit. Reducing power and Grade to 1 and taking abilities away, thus sealing G Guardians, intercepts and any guardians that are Grade 2 and above is pretty toxic when you consider Dark Zone clans are about all that soft advantage. This probably wouldn’t have been AS good before, but now that the best Dark Zone decks are becoming a bit better at keeping Counterblast open (looking at new Scharhrot here), this is just a death machine that can drop basically anytime (again, looking at new Scharhot) and kill off otherwise healthy hands.

Just make sure you can get the standard attack chain going and aren’t currently getting held back by Chaos, Gredora or similar. And track the opponent’s hand or else you’ll have problems.

Best used in: Scharhrot, because they have 2 rear-guards that seal Grade 0 guardians, meaning they can only be stopped by a Perfect Guard, Gear Chronicle (ZTB and Time Leap particularly for multi attacks).


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