Wingal Brave
– #V-SS04/008EN

[AUTO](VC/RC):When its attack or the attack it boosted hits a vanguard, look at seven cards from the top of your deck, reveal up to one card with “Blaster” in its card name from among them and put it into your hand, and shuffle your deck.
Date Reviewed: October 6, 2020

Rating: 2.75

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Saikyo's Avatar

Well, at least you can save money and not get Lauris…if you jumped on the Royals wagon this late. Wingal Brave is the means to fetch Blasters, and odds are reasonable, being 7 cards and 12 possible targets to hit. Doesn’t hurt that he’s free too. However, like everything that needs to hit, he’s only going to reasonably go off early game when shield needs to be saved for later, and after that, he’s essentially vanilla, since either MLB’s passive Crit or Force 2 by that point would force shield anyway.

Good for the early shenanigans, and to be honest the rest of the G1s are actually rather vanilla in comparison, so…


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