Wild Shot Celestial, Raguel (V Series)
Wild Shot Celestial, Raguel (V Series)

Wild Shot Celestial, Raguel
– #V-EB03/011EN

[AUTO](RC):When placed from hand, if a new card was put into your damage zone this turn, COST [Counter Blast (1)], call a card from your drop zone to (RC).
Date Reviewed: 
January 11, 2019

Rating: 3.0

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Saikyo's Avatar

I want to be underwhelmed by this, but honestly, the sheer utility of the drop zone requires that this be restricted to calls from the hand, and only being useable when you’ve used another Angel Feather skill. Still, don’t let that turn you off. Fetching a dead, useful (I would go so far as to say dead useful) rear-guard is nothing to just cut out because you don’t like it.


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