Wandering Starhulk Ruler, Brandt
Wandering Starhulk Ruler, Brandt

Wandering Starhulk Ruler, Brandt
– #V-EB06/OR04 (OR)

[ACT](VC):COST [Counter Blast (1) & Soul Blast (1)], until the end of your opponent’s turn, change the below effects for your opponent’s trigger effects other than the [Power] increase to “[Critical]:Your vanguard gets [Critical]-1 until end of that battle.” and “[Heal]:Deal one damage to your vanguard.”.
Date Reviewed: 
June 7, 2019

Rating: 3.50

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Saikyo's Avatar

Aaah, this thing’s pretty hilarious. Brandt 1.0 does much to aid you: on 4 damage, as long as this skill has been used, you can absolutely assure yourself the opponent’s VG cannot kill you that turn, and if they hit a critical you can live to use its skill again, and if they score a Heal, you just extended your lead. Oh, and if they’re unlucky enough to score another Heal from the FIRST HEAL, they take another damage check to the face. Does nothing to stop Draw Triggers or Fronts but that’s what the evolved form is for. 

A cheap trigger reversal was what the original era Brandt was missing. Now we have it, and it’s funny.


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