Unrivaled Blade Rogue, Cyclomatooth
Unrivaled Blade Rogue, Cyclomatooth

Unrivaled Blade Rogue, Cyclomatooth
– #BT15/019EN

[AUTO] Limit Break 4:When a «Megacolony» rides this unit, choose your vanguard, and until end of turn, that unit gets [Power]+10000, [Rest] all of your opponent’s units, and all of your opponent’s units cannot [Stand] during your opponent’s next stand phase. [CONT](VC):During your turn, if all of your opponent’s vanguards and rear-guards are [Rest], this unit gets [Power]+2000. [CONT](VC/RC):Lord
Date Reviewed: February 8 2018

Rating: 2.33

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I’m waiting for the day we can pseudo-restand like Sunshine Vert or Blaus. Until then, this has gotten too slow.



For the most part, Break Rides have fallen out of favor.  Cyclomatooth is still one of the stronger ones with his ability to stun the Vanguard but even still, you won’t see him run in many serious Megacolony decks, whether that be Machining or Gredora.  Break Rides just tend to be too slow in a world where most players want to be Striding every turn.



What’s up, Rogue Squad?!  For our Throwback Thursday, we’re looking at one of my favorite Break Rides in the game (aside from Nightmist…because Pirates, motherfucka).  Unfortunately, unlike oh captain, my captain, Cyclomatooth hasn’t had any Units that can directly support himself and has been considered to be too slow for today’s tournaments, but personally speaking, I still love this card for the amount of frustration that this causes your opponent especially if it’s back-to-back turns and following it up with last week’s Throwback card: the OG Darkface, so, if you want to make a trolly old schoolish deck, then you can thank me for giving you such a ridiculous idea 😉

Rating: 2.5/5

Artwork: 4/5 (Ninja bugs are always awesome…always.)

Next Time: You thought Obtirandus was the only expensive GR bug?

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