Tyrant, Deathrex (V Series)
Tyrant, Deathrex (V Series)

Tyrant Deathrex
– #V-EB01/004EN

[AUTO](VC/RC):When it attacks a vanguard, COST [Soul Blast (1) & retire one other rear-guard], choose one of your opponent’s front row rear-guards, and retire it. This unit gets [Power]+10000 until end of that battle for each gauge equipped to the rear-guard retired for this cost.
Date Reviewed: August 7, 2018

Rating: 3.00

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Saikyo's Avatar

Haven’t seen an OR version of this in real life. My friend kept pulling Juggernaut Maximum, poor bastard.

Anyway, the skill. Simple, but effective. In a vacuum it’s a +0 wash Counterblast free, which you combine with cards that can regain resources such as Blightops and Skyptero to make up for the fact this can’t plus on its own. As always, power centered on a Vanguard lacking an on-hit isn’t especially compelling, but it is for the most part free at least if you MUST ride it, and it shouldn’t be difficult to gain the right amount of equip gauge between Lacertarex, Sonic Noa, and Gigarex, since Deathrex works on both VG and RG circle.

Nothing wrong with a decent column former as long as you can spare the soul. Unless you need something dead desperately or need to push with the columns don’t actively spam this though.


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