Here is the Transformers Character Card Set List, with images, for the Wave 1 (Base Set) Characters.  The first letter of the Card # indicates the rarity – (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare).  Click on the Card #’s to see their images. If you want to contribute anything, or notice errors, feel free to contact us.  Last Update: June 30, 2019. Click here for the Wave 1 Battle Card Set List.

Card # Card Name Card Flavor Star Cost
RT 01/T40 Arcee Skilled Fighter 5
RT 02/T40 Autobot Cosmos Recon & Communication 11
CT 03/T40 Autobot Hound Long Range Scout 8
UT 04/T40 Autobot Jazz Special Ops 6
UT 05/T40 Autobot Mirage Lone Wolf 9
CT 06/T40 Barrage Merciless Insecticon 7
CT 07/T40 Bombshell Insecticon Mind-Controller 8
CT 08/T40 Bumblebee Courageous Scout 9
SRT 09/T40 Bumblebee  Legendary Warrior 10
UT 10/T40 Chop Shop Sneaky Insecticon 6
RT 11/T40 Chromia  Special Ops 8
RT 12/T40 Darkmount  Cruel Overlord 9
UT 13/T40 Deadlock  Bounty Hunter 8
RT 14/T40 Decepticon Shockwave Cybertron Commander 11
UT 15/T40 Demolisher Devoted Decepticon  6
UT 16/T40 Dinobot Sludge Mighty Stomper 8
CT 17/T40 Dinobot Slug Hot-Headed Warrior 9
UT 18/T40 Dinobot Snarl Desert Warrior 7
CT 19/T40 Dinobot Swoop Fearsome Flyer 6
CT 20/T40 Flamewar Veteran Decepticon 5
RT 21/T40 Grimlock  Dinobot Leader 10
UT 22/T40 Inferno  Fearless Firefighter 12
RT 23/T40 Insecticon Skrapnel Insecticon Leader 7
UT 24/T40 Jetfire Air Guardian 10
UT 25/T40 Kickback  Cunning Insecticon 5
CT 26/T40 Megatron Decepticon Leader 10
RT 27/T40 Megatron  Living Weapon 13
SRT 28/T40 Nemesis Prime Dark Clone 12
RT 29/T40 Optimus Prime Battlefield Legend 13
CT 30/T40 Optimus Prime Freedom Fighter 12
UT 31/T40 Prowl  Military Strategist 6
CT 32/T40 Ramjet Sky Smasher 10
UT 33/T40 Ransack   Insecticon Commando 6
CT 34/T40 Sergeant Kup Veteran Sergeant 7
UT 35/T40 Skywarp  Sneaky Prankster 6
UT 36/T40 Starscream  Air Commander 11
CT 37/T40 Starscream Scheming Second-In-Command 10
RT 38/T40 Sunstorm Fusion Flyer 11
UT 39/T40 Thundercracker Mach Warrior 8
UT 40/T40 Wheeljack  Weapons Inventor 9
RT T01/T04 Bumblebee Brave Warrior 6
RT T02/T04 Ironhide Veteran Autobot 6
RT T03/T04 Optimus Prime Autobot Leader 7
RT T04/T04 Red Alert Security Chief 6
SRT T01/T02 CliffJumper Renegade Warrior 8
SRT T02/T02 Slipstream Strategic Seeker 8
Wave 1A Metroplex Deck    
SRT T01/T04 Metroplex Autobot City 25
RT T02/T04 Scamper City Patrol 4
RT T03/T04 Six Gun Heavy Weapons Expert 4
RT T04/T04 Slammer  Combat Drone 4
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