Transformers TCG Wave 2 Character Card Set List
“Rise of the Combiners”

Here is a a Transformers Character Card Set List – with images – for the Wave 2 Characters – Rise of the Combiners.  This set was released in March 2019.

The first letter of the Card # indicates the rarity – (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare).  Click on the Card #’s to see the images. If you want to contribute anything, or notice errorsfeel free to contact us.  Last Update: July 2, 2019.  Click here to see the Wave 2 Battle Card List.

Combiners – Combiners are cards that combine to make giant Transformers.  These are listed near the bottom of the list.

Card # Card Name Card Flavor Star Cost
RT T01/T46 Acid Storm Toxic Terror 6
CT T02/T46 Air Raid Fearless Flyer 5
CT T03/T46 Alpha Bravo Airborne Special Ops 5
UT T04/T46 Autobot Hot Rod Impulsive Fighter 7
UT T05/T46 Autobot Mirage Counterintelligence 7
CT T06/T46 Autobot Novastar Search and Rescue 12
SRT T07/T46 Autobot Springer Aerial Defense 12
CT T08/T46 Blackwing Aerial Attacker 9
SRT T09/T46 Blitzwing Relentless Foe 11
UT T10/T46 Bluestreak Reluctant Soldier 8
UT T11/T46 Blurr Fastest Bot in the Galaxy 12
RT T12/T46 Bombshell Decepticon Ops 11
CT T13/T46 Breakdown Paranoid Scout 5
CT T14/T46 Bumblebee Trusted Lieutenant 10
CT T15/T46 Dead End Doomed Loner 5
CT T16/T46 Decepticon Drag Strip Cutthroat Warrior 5
RT T17/T46 Decepticon Venin Insecticon Tyrant 9
RT T18/T46 Dinobot Sludge Dino Demolitions 8
RT T19/T46 Dinobot Slug Battering Ram 8
RT T20/T46 Dinobot Snarl Spiked Battler 7
RT T21/T46 Dinobot Swoop Bombardier 7
UT T22/T46 Dirge  Doombringer 8
UT T23/T46 Divebomb Aerial Assault 5
CT T24/T46 Dreadwind Air Defense 8
CT T25/T46 Fireflight Sky High Recon 5
UT T26/T46 Grapple Autobot Architect 12
RT T27/T46 Grimlock Powerful Commander 9
UT T28/T46 Ironhide  Steadfast Brawler 7
CT T29/T46 Megatron Arrogant Ruler 10
CT T30/T46 Motormaster Stunticon Leader 5
CT T31/T46 Offroad All-Terrain Soldier 5
UT T32/T46 Optimus Prime Gleaming Commander 11
UT T33/T46 Predacon Headstrong Ground Assault 5
UT T34/T46 Predacon Rampage Savage Hunter 5
UT T35/T46 Prowl Strategic Mastermind 7
UT T36/T46 Razorclaw Predacon Leader 5
CT37/T46 Ruckus Combat Assault 11
CT T38/T46 Silverbolt Aerialbot Leader 5
CT T39/T46 Skydive Air Warfare Specialist 5
RT 40/T46 Skywarp Teleporting Seeker 10
SRT T41/T46 Starscream Decepticon King 13
UT T42/T46 Sunstreaker Bold Warrior 7
UT T43/T46 Thrust Supersonic Interceptor 9
UT T44/T46 Torox Fueler 5
RT T45/T46 Warpath Confident Sharpshooter 6
SRT T46/T46 Windblade Combiner Hunter 12
Combiner Menasor Menacing Colossus  
Combiner Volcanicus Fiery Champion  
Combiner Predaking Ferocious Hunter  
Combiner Superion Sky Protector  
Combiner Dreadwing Sky Destroyer  
Combiner Optimus Maximus Ultimate Defender  
Combiner Devastator  Towering Warrior  
Wave 2P Promo Cards    
RT P2 Omega Supreme
(Titan Sized Card)
Autobot Defense Base 19
Wave 2A Devastator Deck Devastator Combiner  
RT T01/T06 Bonecrusher Demolitions 4
RT T02/T06 Hook Surgical Engineer 4
RT T03/T06 Longhaul Transport 4
RT T04/T06 Mixmaster Materials Fabrication 4
RT T05/T06 Scavenger Mining and Salvage 4
RT T06/T06 Scrapper Construction Foreman 5
Wave 2S Starter Deck 2 Bumblebee vs Megatron  
RT T01/04 Bumblebee Least Likely, Most Dangerous 7
RT T02/04 Megatron Cybertronian Tyrant 7
RT T03/04 Starscream Decepticon Lieutenant 5
RT T04/04 Windblade Defender of Truth 5