Transformers TCG Wave 2 Battle Card Set List
“Rise of the Combiners”

Here is the complete Transformers Battle Cards Set List, with images, for Wave 2. The first letter of the Card Number indicates the rarity – (Common, Uncommon, Rare). Click on the card name to see the card image.  If you want to contribute anything, or notice errorsfeel free to contact usLast Update: April 2, 2019.  Click Here to see the Wave 2 Character Card List.  

Wave 2 Battle Cards

U001/081  Aerialbot Enigma
R002/081  Aerialbot Formation
R003/081  Ancient Wisdom
C004/081  Armored Plating
U005/081  Attack Drone
U006/081  Backup Beam
R007/081  Bad Attitude
U008/081  Bashing Shield 
U009/081  Bolt of Lightning
U010/081  Bravery
U011/081  Bumpers
R012/081  Combat Commands
U013/081  Confidence
C014/081  Cooling Vents
U015/081  Cornered
R016/081  Crash Landing
R017/081  Decepticon Crown
R018/081  Defensive Driving
R019/081  Dinobot Enigma
R020/081  Electrified Spikes
U021/081  Enemy Combat Analysis
R022/081  Energized Field
C023/081  Energon Slingshot
C024/081  Enforcement Batons
C025/081  Erratic Lightning
C026/081  Escape Route
R027/081  Espionage
R028/081  Evasive Maneuvers
U029/081  Field Communicator
C030/081  Field Repair  
C031/081  Fling
U032/081  Focus Fire
U033/081  Fog of War
C034/081  Handheld Blaster
R035/081  Heavy-Handed
C036/081  Improvised Shield
R037/081  Inferno Breath
R038/081  Intelligence Mission
C039/081  Inverted!
U040/081  Leap of Faith
R041/081  Marksmanship
R042/081  Master Plan
R043/081  Mining Pick
R044/081  Mounted Missiles
C045/081  Noble’s Blaster
U046/081  Pep Talk
U047/081  Power Punch
U048/081  Predacon Enigma
R049/081  Press the Advantage
C050/081  Primary Laser
C051/081  Rapid Conversion
U052/081  Reckless Charge
C053/081  Recon System
C054/081  Rest and Relaxation
U055/081  Scoundrel’s Blaster
U056/081  Scrounge
U057/081  Secret Dealings
C058/081  Security Console
C059/081  Sentinel Enigma
U060/081  Smelt
C061/081  Sonic Scramble
C062/081  Spare Parts
R063/081  Sparring Gear
R064/081  Stealthiness
R065/081  Steamroll
U066/081  Stunticon Enigma
R067/081  Stunticon Swagger
U068/081  Superior Cannon
U069/081  Superior Jetpack
U070/081  Superior Plating
C071/081  Surprise Attack
U072/081  Swindled
R073/081  Tackle
C074/081  Tech Research
C075/081  Testify
R076/081  Tooth and Claw
C077/081  Underhanded Tactics
U078/081  Universal Network Access
R079/081  Unleash Potential
U080/081  Vandalize
C081/081  Vaporize

Wave 2A – Devastator Deck

R001/005  Builder’s Tools
R002/005  Construction Enigma
R003/005  Heavy Landing
R004/005  Reclaim
R005/005  Work Overtime