Here is the Transformers Battle Cards Set List, with images, for Wave 1 (Base Set), Wave 1A and Wave 1 Promo Cards.  The first letter of the Card Number indicates the rarity – (Common, Uncommon, Rare). Click on the card name to see the card image.  If you want to contribute anything, or notice errorsfeel free to contact usLast Update: October 10, 2019.  Click Here for the Wave 1 Character Card Set List.  

Wave 1 Battle Cards

U001/081  Aerial Recon
R002/081  Agility of Bumblebee
U003/081  Armed Hovercraft
C004/081  Armored Plating
U005/081  Backup Plan
C006/081  Battle Ready
U007/081  Blast Shield
U008/081  Body Armor
R009/081  Bombing Run
C010/081  Brainstorm
U011/081  Bug Bomb
R012/081  Cargo Trailer
U013/081  Collateral Damage
R014/081  Combat Training
U015/081  Computer Sabotage
C016/081  Crushing Size
U017/081  Crushing Treads
R018/081  Cybertonium Bow
R019/081  Data Bank
C020/081  Data Pad
U021/081  Debilitating Crystal
R022/081  Dino-Chomp!
U023/081  Disarm
U024/081  Disruption
U025/081  Disruptive Entrance
C026/081  Drill Arms
U027/081  Emergency Maintenance
R028/081  Energon Axe
U029/081  Equipment Enthusiast
C030/081  Flamethrower
C031/081  Force Field
R032/081  Fusion Cannon of Megatron
U033/081  Grenade Launcher
C034/081  Handheld Blaster
R035/081  Heroism
R036/081  Hunker Down
R037/081  I Still Function! 
C038/081  Improvised Shield
C039/081  Incoming Transmission
C040/081  Inspiring Leadership
R041/081  Ion Blaster of Optimus Prime 
U042/081  Jaws of Steel
C043/081  Leap Into Battle
R044/081  Matrix of Leadership
C045/081  Medic!
U046/081  Multi-Mission Gear
U047/081  Multi-Tool
C048/081  New Designs
R049/081  Null-Ray of Starscream
R050/081  One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall
R051/081  Peace through Tyranny  
R052/081  Photon Bomb 
C053/081  Piercing Blaster 
U054/081  Plasma Burst
U055/081  Power Sword
C056/081  Primary Laser
U057/081  Ramming Speed
U058/081  Rapid Ascent
C059/081  Rapid Conversion
C060/081  Ready For Action
C061/081  Reinforced Plating
C062/081  Repair Bay
R063/081  Roll Out!
R064/081  Salvage for Parts
C065/081  Scrapper Gauntlets
R066/081  Security Checkpoint
R067/081  Shock Absorbers
R068/081  Start Your Engines
R069/081  Static Laser of Ironhide
U070/081  Strafing Run
C071/081  Supercharge
U072/081  Swap Missions
R073/081  Swap Parts
R074/081  Swarm!
R075/081  System Reboot
R076/081  Team-Up Tactics
R077/081  The Bigger They Are
R078/081  Thermal Weaponry
U079/081  Treasure Hunt
U080/081  Turbo Boosters
C081/081  Zap

Wave 1 Set is compiled of: 24 Commons, 27 Uncommons, 30 Rares

Promo Cards: 

R001/002 – All Out Attack
R002/002 – Tandem Targeting System

Wave 1A – From Metroplex Deck Expansion

R001/003 – Height Advantage
R002/003 – Protected by Metroplex
R003/003 – Rally the City