Hello Pojo Readers, Crunch$G back again to break down the Forbidden and Limited List. I finally finished the Forbidden Main Deck monsters, but I’m not done yet when it comes to monsters because there are several Extra Deck Monsters that are currently Forbidden, so it is only fitting I talk about them before discussing Spells and Traps. With that out of the way, let’s look at the Extra Deck. (Cards here are banned as of the January 28th, 2019 Forbidden and Limited List)

Elder Entity Norden

This was a card that was destined to be banned upon being printed, but they updated the list to ban it so shortly after another list. Elder Entity Norden is a Level 4 Fusion that can be summoned by Instant Fusion, but there was another way people were summoning it that got it banned much quicker. Upon being Special Summoned, Norden could revive any Level 4 or lower monster from your graveyard, basically setting up an immediate Rank 4 play and Rank 4 plays were very powerful before Master Rule 4. Many decks full of Level 4 monsters ran Instant Fusion just to run Norden, even when Norden himself was limited. Zoodiac however did something different, the deck was able to spam Xyzs like crazy, so they could easily get Fusion Substitue from the deck to fuse a M-X-Saber Invoker and a Daigusto Emeral on the field into Norden to revive a Zoo monster for another Emeral to put monsters into the deck and draw a card, plus Fusion Substitute could banish itself to put the Norden back to draw a card and make Instant Fusion live again since you only had 1 Norden. They knew they didn’t want to deal with that so on the June 2017 list, they banned Norden, but they gave us a whole month in advance with this announcement, so they knew ahead of time they wanted Norden gone but didn’t want a list to go into effect so soon, so they just didn’t waste time and announced a list that banned Norden.

Now can Norden come back? It’s a one card Rank 4, Level 5-8 Synchro depending on the Level of Tuner you bring back, or Link-2 just as long as you have Instant Fusion to get Norden. The versatility you have of using Norden to access your Extra Deck is insane and with Super Polyermization being able to fuse your opponent’s Synchros and Xyzs for Norden will be insane, so Norden at this stage cannot come back.

Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom

Remember Lyrilusc – Independent Nightingale? Well she got a second card banned, this one being Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom because of an easier FTK than with The Tyrant Neptune. All you needed was to get Nightingale in the graveyard and a Link Monster with arrows pointing with two arrows at your Main Monster Zones, then you needed to get 4 DARK Pendulum monsters on the field and tribute two of them for a Starving Venom and then do the same for another Starving Venom. Both Starving Venoms can then copy the Nightingale’s effects in the graveyard and have 6800 ATK, be unaffected by card effects, and deal 4000 damage each, meaning both could burn for 8000 and FTK your opponent unless they gained life points somehow. The FTK was easy to pull off in Pendulum Magician after Electrumite came out and made Pendulum Magician more consistent, so in May of 2018 they decided to ban Starving Venom.

Now can Starving Venom come back? Once again, Nightingale is still in the game and it’s very easy to get a Link-2 without your Pendulum Summon just to then Pendulum Summon 4 DARK Pendulums for two Starving Venoms. Even with one Starving Venom, you get a 6800 ATK monster that is unaffected by card effects and can burn for 4000 on each turn, so it’ll basically be similar to The Tyrant Neptune as it’ll kill your opponent in two turns unless they can somehow out Starving Venom, so as long as Nightingale is in the game, Starving Venom shouldn’t be.

Firewall Dragon

This is a lesson as to why you should be careful and always put a hard once per turn on your card effects, Konami. Firewall Dragon was the first real broken Link Monster because it made massive Link Spam super easy, including Extra Linking, as well as causing FTK after FTK after FTK that I won’t even list them all. Firewall is a Link-4 with Up, Down, Left, and Right arrows and only needs 2+ monsters to summon. The arrows make it easy to co-link with monsters because once while Firewall is on the field, you can return monsters on the field and in graveyard to the hand up to the number of co-links this card was in, which caused for a lot of loops with multiple Firewall Dragons since that effect wasn’t a once per turn, just once as long as that copy of Firewall was on the field, so they limited it in February of 2018. Later, players abused the other effect they didn’t put a once per turn on, the effect of when a monster Firewall was linked to was sent to the graveyard you could Special Summon a monster from the hand. This allowed for massive Link Spam with the greatest of ease and very consistent Extra Linking if not setting up a Tri-Gate Wizard if not doing both. There was also the Danger! Dark World FTK with Cannon Soldier where you could bounce a Dark World monster back to your hand to revive a Grapha to a zone Firewall points to, just for Cannon Soldier to tribute off the Grapha and burn for 500 and Firewall will trigger to resummon the Dark World bounced with Grapha, just for Grapha to resummon itself again to a zone Firewall points to, rinse and repeat. Even though they could of also banned Cannon Soldier and any other similar burn card, which they still should of done, they did the most important thing and banned Firewall Dragon in December of 2018.

Simply put it, Firewall Dragon needs to be a hard once per turn for both effects. Without that, it isn’t returning nor should it return.

Knightmare Goblin

The first Link Monster to be banned in the TCG was Knightmare Goblin. Knightmare Goblin had the easy summoning requirements of 2 monsters with different names and had Left and Right arrows as a Link-2. Now upon Link Summon, Knightmare Goblin could let you discard a card to grant you an additional Normal Summon that turn just as long as it was to a zone Goblin pointed to, plus if Goblin was co-linked when you discarded to trigger that effect you could draw 1 card. This allowed for combo extension with another Normal Summon without having to play Garnet for Brilliant Fusion, so of course it was going to be good. It was easy to summon as well since other Link Monsters could summon monsters out of the deck and there are a ton of monsters that could Special Summon themselves, so Extra Linking was made easy also by Knightmare Goblin. Goblin also had an effect that when it was co-linked then your co-linked monsters could not be targeted by card effects which made Extra Links harder to out. Goblin was such a good combo card that it was eventually banned in September of 2018 just four months after its initial release.

Now can Knightmare Goblin come back? It’ll take a bit of power creep to allow Goblin to come back, though arguably not much. That extra Normal Summon is good for combo extension so until we get a ton of cards that can extend combos better than Goblin, it can stay right where it is.

Topologic Gumbar Dragon

We all hate having cards in our hand taken away from us and that’s what Gumblar did to you before you even got to play. Gumblar was another Link-4 with the same arrows as Firewall Dragon, only it needed 2+ Effect Monsters unlike Firewall only needing Monsters. Gumblar had the effect that when a monster was Special Summoned to a zone a Link Monster pointed to, you discarded 1 or 2 cards to make your opponent do the same. This was done in decks that could gain a ton of hand and field advantage to make a board full of very powerful monsters while Gumblar ate your opponent’s hand. Add this with cards that could be revived on your opponent’s turn and Gumblar could potentially eat 4 cards from the opponent’s hand before they made a move, this being ran in a deck that generated and kept a ton of hand advantage, especially with decks that could use Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade, was able to basically guarantee their win since the opponent had so few cards to out the opponent, add this with Aqua Dolphin since it was run in Warrior Decks at the time and you could potentially discard 6 from the opponent and they had no hand to play with, meaning you’d basically win the game. Gumblar was unfair and in January of 2019 it was finally banned.

Gumblar was just banned, meaning these hand loops were very recent. I don’t think I need to say that Gumblar cannot return to the game. I like having my opening hand and another card I’ll talk about later in this same article will show another hand loop that was insanely powerful.

Ancient Fairy Dragon

One of the two banned Synchros I will talk about is Ancient Fairy Dragon, a card that took a while to find its true potential. AFD was a generic Level 7 Synchro that only needed 1 Tuner and 1+ non-Tuners and had two great effects. One of which was to Special Summon a Level 4 or lower monster from your hand once per turn in exchange for your Battle Phase that turn. This helped with big Link plays, and the Battle Phase was rendered null and void with doing this on your first turn. The second effect of AFD was to destroy all Field Spells in the Field Zones and if you destroyed any cards, you gained 1000 life points and could search for any Field Spell from your deck. This was useful in so many Field Spell decks to keep generating advantage each turn since a ton of Field Spells could search. AFD was useful in SPYRAL with multiple Resort and Destrudo becoming legal to get two Resort searches a turn. AFD was also exposed in an FTK with Golden Castle of Stromberg, so Konami in the TCG banned AFD before Stormberg came out.

Now can AFD come back? Well, the game is staring to speed up a bit more since she was banned, despite it not being too long ago. The Stormberg FTKs can’t really do much without Goblin, Firewall Dragon, or Number 42 being in the game, so I think AFD might be able to return safely again, though maybe it’ll be fine to wait it out a few more lists before bringing it back to allow more power creep to come in.

Denglong, First of the Yang Zing

Another generic Synchro, this one being a Level 5 Synchro Tuner that needs any Tuner and non-Tuner(s) for its summon. Upon Special Summon, Denglong could search for any Yang Zing card from your deck to your hand, which is great considering Yang Zings got a Counter Trap in the same set as Denglong. Denglong could also dump a Wyrm-type from the deck to the graveyard to change its level to the level of that Wyrm. If a face-up Denglong left the field, you could Special Summon a Yang Zing from your deck. This card overcompensated for Yang Zing’s weaknesses so much that True King Dinosaurs used it. Oviraptor easily got to Miscellaneosaurus, which could then be discarded to give your Dino effects some safety that turn, but then you could banish Misc from the grave to summon Jurrac Aeolo from the deck (all that mattered was that it was a Level 1 Tuner). Oviraptor and Aeolo then turned into Denglong to do your things from there. Denglong could then get your Yang Zing Counter Trap and once it left the field it could summon a Yang Zing from the deck to make that Counter Trap live. It could also change to Level 9 to work with the EARTH True King to summon True King of All Calamities. Now as I mentioned with the EARTH True King, they banned both this card and that along with limiting Miscellaneosaurus in the TCG to hit the power of True King Dinosaurs while not hurting all the Dinosaurs overall.

Now can Denglong come back? Eh, hard to say. Dinos weren’t hit as hard in the TCG and True King stuff is still possible with the FIRE one still being in the game to pop the WATER one and your one of Miscellaneosaurus that’s still searchable. Maybe one Denglong won’t break the True King Dino deck wide open since the best True King in that deck is gone and Miscellaneosaurus is still limited. Sure you can set up a negate with it by searching a Counter Trap and summoning a Yang Zing from your deck, but I don’t know how powerful that is. The OCG hit Dinosaurs harder over there, so that allows them to have two Denglong. I just don’t know if the TCG environment is as open for one Denglong with Dinosaurs still being consistent.

Daigusto Emeral

Funny enough there are more banned Xyzs than there are Fusions, Synchros, and Links combined with 10 to 7 (but I’m sure Links will change that soon). Daigusto Emeral is a Rank 4 that only needs 2 Level 4 monsters and one effect used in almost any deck, the effect to shuffle three monsters from your graveyard back into the deck to draw 1 card at the cost of detaching a material. It also has an effect to detach a material to revive a monster, but that effect comes up once in a blue moon in competitive play. This seems balanced, but Zoodiac used multiple Emeral to gain massive advantage while at the same time not running out of Ratpiers and Xyzs to keep the deck alive, plus Emeral could recycle Emeral. It was basically an Extra Deck staple the entire time it was legal, so the TCG banned it in September of 2017.

Can Emeral come back? Sure, why not? The effect isn’t broken at all. The recycling is nice to have and that draw is good, but nothing about Emeral is broken. If anything, it makes up for using two monsters to summon it. Maybe at one if the TCG doesn’t want us recycling Emeral with Emeral, but the card is still ok to come back. It’s a really good card, but not necessarily a broken one. I like Daigusto Emeral, it’s my favorite Xyz, so I would love to see it back.

Lavalval Chain

Another Rank 4 with generic materials of any 2 Level 4 monsters, another Xyz with two effects that need a material detached to use, but easily more versatile than Emeral. Lavalval Chain has two effects that were often used in the meta. One was to detach a material to send any card from your deck to the graveyard. Foolish Burial is limited and that only sends monsters, so of course a card that sends anything from the deck to the grave is going to be good. This can set up so many combos that the list will be longer than the rest of the article if I listed them probably. For two, this helped set up Xyz Infernity with their graveyard to Infernity Launcher and Necromancer and maybe Mirage to revive some monsters, preferably Archfiend. Another combo let it send Djinn Releaser of Rituals to the graveyard to use it for a Ritual Summon in Nekroz and block the opponent from Special Summons. The other effect of Chain let you take any monster in your deck and put it on top of your deck. Mix this with some sort of draw effect and that draw basically became a search for any monster, probably a hand trap in today’s game or a combo extender for some decks. Lavalval Chain is versatile in its use so in July of 2015 they chose to ban it in the TCG.

Now can Lavalval Chain come back? Just like Daigusto Emeral, I like Lavalval Chain and would like to see it back. With that said, maybe it shouldn’t come back. The uses of this card once again are versatile where it could set up so many combos. The card is insanely good and its easy to bring out. Someone could easily break this card with the right cards. I’d like to see it back, but it might be better for the game if it doesn’t.

M-X-Saber Invoker

This next card has a bit of history. M-X-Saber Invoker is a Rank 3 that needs only 2 Level 3 monsters and once per turn let you detach a material to Special Summon any Level 4 EARTH Warrior or Beast-Warrior from your deck in Defense Position just as long as it was destroyed in the End Phase. That didn’t matter because you did what you needed with that monster before it could be destroyed. For most of Invoker’s lifetime in the game, it was used to tutor Amazoness Archer out of your deck for various different FTKs which we shockingly didn’t get one consistent enough to top during the 6 some years it was legal. It’s best spotlight was in Madolche for a while, and while not meta, Madolche used to hold up well as a rogue deck. Invoker’s first taste of fame came with the Zoodiac monsters as Terrortop could be Special Summoned and search Taketomborg and that could be Special Summoned and then you made Invoker to get Ratpier from the deck and do your Zoodiac combos. Zoodiac was a Tier 0-0.5 deck during its time and was hit on multiple lists, so the best way to stop Zoo from using Invoker was limiting Terrortop. Invoker saw play barely a year later in Gouki as they could get Level 3s on the field with ease and Invoker got Suprex out of the deck, which was another Gouki name in circulation for you, and all the good Goukis searched when they were sent from the field to the grave. The TCG has saw enough of Invoker being relevant, plus Firewall helping FTKs meant it was only a matter of time before Invoker and Amazoness Archer could do a relevant Firewall FTK, so they banned Invoker in September of 2018 because of all the combos it could start.

Now can Invoker come back? It is a very powerful combo extender and it’s generic for some unknown reason. I think this is a card that will have to wait a while before it can be unbanned again. Summoning from the deck is just very powerful without the right restrictions. Invoker for now should stay banned, especially with Amazoness Archer being legal and FTKs still popping up here and there.

Number 16: Shock Master

Maybe the most infamous Rank 4 in the game’s history, Number 16: Shock Master. Shock Master is a generic Rank 4, but it requires 3 Level 4 monsters to summon. In exchange for the requirements, Shock Master has a very powerful effect. Once per turn you could detach a material and declare Monster, Spell, or Trap and then until the end of your opponent’s turn both player’s would be prevented from using Monster effects or activating Spells or Traps. Shock Master alone could shut decks down, especially something like Spellbooks that relied on Spell Cards to function. The deck that best used Shock Master was Wind-Ups with Magician and Shark along with Carrier Zenmaity to combo into a Shock Master and call a certain card type you know will hurt you. Shock Master could shut down decks and even after they finished Wind-Ups off on the previous F/L List, they still banned Number 16: Shock Master on the September 2013 list (which was when the TCG and OCG went by different lists, the OCG banned Shock Master in January of 2016).

Shock Master cannot come back. The card locks decks down. If your deck relies on Spells, Shock Master will shut you down. If your deck relies on Traps, Shock Master will shut you down. If your deck relies on Monster effects… you get the point. Just imagine somehow getting 3 Shock Master on the field. One alone is bad enough, so Shock Master cannot return in its current state.

Number 42: Galaxy Tomahawk

Number 42: Galaxy Tomahawk was a Rank 7 that needed two Level 7s to summon and had the effect of detaching two materials from it to summon as many Battle Eagle Tokens you could possibly summon. This was fine for years, though used from time to time in Blaze Fenix FTKs but you could say Tomahawk wasn’t the problem in those. When Master Rule 4 came around, Number 42 could easily help you do massive Link Spam. One monster turns to six for multiple Link Summons that it wasn’t funny. Sure, your opponent couldn’t be dealt battle damage, but it didn’t matter when you gained a ton of advantage with big Link Summons. Tomahawk limited Konami’s future card design and they eventually banned Tomahawk in January of 2019.

Another case of Link Summoning breaking a card wide open. Tomahawk cannot come back unless they errata it to where the Tokens cannot be used as Link Material, which it seems a lot of Token Generating cards needs. Tomahawk is just a victim of the new rules making it very strong.

Number 86: Heroic Champion – Rhongomyniad

Number 86 just looks like a very powerful card on paper, but for a while getting the most out of Rhongo here took a lot of effort. Number 86 was a Rank 4 that needed 2 or more Level 4 Warriors as material and gained effects based on the number of materials it had. 1+ made it unable to be destroyed in battle, 2+ gave it another 1500 ATK and boosted it to 3000, 3+ made it unaffected by other card effects, 4+ prevented your opponent from Normal or Special Summoning monsters, and 5+ let you destroy all cards your opponent controlled once per turn. Those last three effects were very powerful, but it required an investment to summon. That and Rhongo required you to detach a material from it if it had any during your opponent’s End Phases. It wasn’t until Number 75 came out that the investment was easier to fulfill. Number 75 is a generic Rank 3 that needs 2 or more Level 3 monsters and could take itself and all its materials and become the materials of Number 86. This easily gave Number 86 at least 6 materials, meaning all its effects lasted for multiple turns. Warrior decks were able to pump this out with the right hands and prevent the opponent from playing the game. A Number 86 with so many materials wasn’t fun to play against, so they banned it in January of 2019.

I don’t think Rhongo can come back, especially with Number 75 roaming free. Easily being able to shut your opponent down from playing the game isn’t fair, and Rhongo with Number 75 promotes that. Those effects are just too powerful and nobody wants to deal with it, so Rhongo deserves his ban for now.

Tellarknight Ptolemaeus

I mentioned with Performage Plushfire in the previous part that only two things from the Adjusted Forbidden and Limited List from February 2016 hasn’t changed, one was that Plushfire was still banned and the other is that this card, Tellarknight Ptolemaeus, is still banned. Tellarknight Ptolemaeus was a Rank 4 that needed 2 or more Level 4 monsters as material. It had two effects that mattered since the third never really went off, one was that during each player’s End Phase you could attach a Stellarknight card to this card as material. This allowed Tellarknight players to just use their Trivver or Deletros to add to it as material to make its effects useable, but non Tellarknight players could use Stellarknight Constellar Diamond since it could just be ranked up over Ptolemaeus with ease. The other effect Ptolemaeus had was that once per turn, during either player’s turn, you could detach three materials from this card to Special Summon a Rank 5 Xyz from your Extra Deck that wasn’t a Number monster use this card as material and any remaining materials Ptolemaeus might of had left. This meant that the Rank 4 pool could access the Rank 5 pool excluding the Numbers without having to play Rank-Up-Magics, meaning the Rank 4 pool could use Cyber Dragon Nova and Infinity as well as Constellar Pleiades. This is insane considering how strong the Rank 4 pool was already and that people were always using Level 4 monsters somewhere in the meta. The deck to show this off the best was Performages and Pals, meaning Cyber Dragon Infinity could be added to the strong boards that deck could make, so on the Adjusted List they banned Tellarknight Ptolemaeus and it hasn’t returned since.

Now can Tellarknight Ptolemaeus return? I guess one pro now is that there isn’t a deck really trying to spam out the Rank 4 toolbox, but the thing is the Rank 4 Toolbox has no business abusing the Rank 5 toolbox when the Rank 4 one is already so strong. I mean, 7 of the 10 banned Xyzs are Rank 4 and 6 of those 7 are generic. I think it’ll be safer if Ptolemaeus doesn’t return, though it could be something to try and experiment at least, but that is still sketchy.

Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity

The first banned Xyz Monster ever is still banned in the TCG to this day. Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity is a Rank 3 Xyz that only needed 2 Level 3 monsters as material and once per turn, you could detach a material from this card to Special Summon any Wind-Up monster from your deck. This at three brought us the Wind-Up Hand Loop with Wind-Up Hunter eating your opponent’s hand away by tributing Zenmaities and Wind-Up Rat being able to revive the Hunter and other monsters for more Zenmaities. Your opponent lost at least three cards in their hand and that was very strong in 2012, so in September of 2012 they limited Zenmaity. Wind-Ups were not done yet as after the limit to this card, they started doing the Shock Lock with the previously mentioned Shock Master, and I mentioned how good Shock Master was, and they didn’t ban Shock Master at first, so in March of 2013 they hit Wind-Ups some more, which included banning this card.

Now can Carrier Zenmaity come back? Well Number 16 is now gone from the game, but Wind-Up Hunter is still a thing. However in the OCG, they have Wind-Up Hunter banned and Carrier Zenmaity back at three. I feel Carrier Zenmaity at one is fine with Hunter in the format still, but the best case scenario is to ban Wind-Up Hunter and bring Zenmaity back to three. Wind-Ups now don’t even play Hunter and I know they would play Zenmaity, so swapping Zenmaity and Hunter’s places on the list will be a welcome change.

Zoodiac Broadbull

Oh boy, I get to end this talking about the two banned Zoodiac Xyzs. The first one I’ll talk about is Zoodiac Broadbull. Broadbull is a generic Rank 4 that only needs 2 Level 4 monsters as material, but all Zoodiac Xyzs could be summoned by using one Zoodiac monster as material and no, that monster did not have to be an Xyz, which is why Zoodiac were so powerful. The ability for all Zoodiac Xyzs to be summoned with great ease along with the Zoo monsters giving all Beast-Warrior Xyzs bonus effects made Zoodiac the best deck at their time, especially with Ratpier helping you get to the Rank 4 pool and the more Zoodiac monsters you had on the field with an original ATK and DEF higher than 0, the more stats your Zoodiac Xyzs had. Broadbull was one of the best Zoo Xyzs because it required the least materials to make along with Chakanine in case you overlaid it on top of one Zoo monster already that turn, and that once per turn you could detach a material from Broadbull to search for any Beast-Warrior from your deck just as long as it could be Normal Summoned or Set. This let Zoo experiment with Coach Captain Bearman and Coach King Giantrainer for extra draws or using Lunalight Black Sheep to search Fusion Substitute for a powerful combo with Elder Entity Norden. Zoo was a strong and consistent deck and engine, so in September of 2017 they banned the two best Zoodiac Xyzs, which included Broadbull, as well as limited Zoodiac Ratpier.

Broadbull cannot return because the OCG showed us that with only one Ratpier and without the other amazing Zoo Xyz, Broadbull can add consistency to the Zoodiac deck enough to be a stun deck. Sure Broadbull will be nice for other Beast-Warrior decks for that search if Tenki isn’t enough, but Broadbull is still too good in Zoodiac to come back.

Zoodiac Drident

The other Zoodiac Xyz that was banned in September of 2017 was Zoodiac Drident, because it was easily the boss of the Zoo deck and it was a very good one at that. Drident normally requires 4 Level 4 monsters as material, which happens never, but you could also overlay it on top of a Zoodiac instead, and again that doesn’t have to be a Zoodiac Xyz. Any deck could make one of the two Zoodiac Xyzs that need 2 Level 4 monsters and go into Drident to make use of its great effect. Before I get into that, Drident also gets the ATK and DEF of all Zoodiac monsters under it as material and obviously gets the bonus effects those monsters give it, just like with Broadbull and the other Zoodiac Xyzs. Drident once per turn let you detach a material from this card during either player’s turn to destroy 1 face-up card on the field. This gave Zoo some good disruption along with their consistency, and it was easy to get multiple Drident out over two turns. Drident was so good in Zoo that they banned in with Zoodiac Broadbull in September of 2017 and Zoo never topped again really.

Now a days, I think Drident is fine to return at one. Sure popping a face-up card once per turn during either player’s turn is good, and any Rank 4 deck can access it by overlaying two Level 4s for Chakanine just to get into Drident, but it isn’t invincible like Master Peace was, and outside Zoo the Drident will never have any ATK or DEF really. Zoo right now really struggles because they don’t have anything good to end on, so giving them one Drident probably won’t break the deck wide open, plus decks not playing Zoo monsters beyond the aforementioned Chakanine just to summon Drident won’t break the game open like if Zoo was at full power. One Drident will be just fine, Zoo as an archetype really needs it.

In Conclusion

It almost feels like over time, Extra Deck monsters getting banned is getting more common. I mean the oldest Extra Deck monster from this article was from 2013, but there were a lot of Synchros removed mostly due to errata or them just being nice in the case of Trishula and we all know Thousand-Eyes Restrict, while still arguably good, isn’t the powerhouse it used to be. I can imagine this list expanding more quickly over time, especially with there seemingly being a ton of powerful Link Monsters. But for now, I’m done with Monsters when it comes to the Forbidden Section and the next two parts will be Spells before I do Traps and then move towards the Limited Section.

Thanks for Reading,