Soul Saver Dragon (V Series)
Soul Saver Dragon (V Series)

Soul Saver Dragon
– #V-BT01/005EN

[ACT](VC):COST [Soul Blast (5)], and six of your units get [Power]+15000 until end of turn. [AUTO](VC):When it attacks, you may Soul Charge (1).
Date Reviewed: June 27, 2018

Rating: 4.00

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Saikyo's Avatar

And here’s Royal Paladin’s big end-game play. Now, setting up Soul Saver is probably the easiest part. No Forerunners yet so you’re at least going to start with 3 in the soul by the time you ride this, but this can also Soulcharge 1 upon attacking, meaning 5 soul is doable, if slow. Or just run Pongal and by extension High Dog Breeder Akane and Soulcharge that way.

Most obvious advantage over the old Soul Saver I should remark on is how newbie friendly this is. Old Soul Saver only powered up 3 things on-ride, and it was generally never advised that you power up a rear-guard behind Soul Saver because Perfect Guards exist. This just goes ‘fuck it’ and powers up EVERYTHING on your board and it’s ACT, so you can set up the perfect field first and then just swing your merry little heart away.

Hard to say no to 30k to all column meaning even the most efficient guard is still 2 additional cards per column, and those stack up, even not taking the Force Gift into account. Play at 4, if only because this is your be-all end-all finisher, nothing in Standard can search this and you need a consistent play.


WarLycan's Avatar

What’s up, Rogue Squad?!  So, I think it’s safe to say that Soul Saver got a major upgrade from the previous arc.  Instead of on ride, it’s an ACT.  Instead of just 3 rearguards getting a 5k boost, it’s any 6 Units getting a 15k boost.  Even with the units getting a shield upgrade, it’s still going to really difficult for anybody to block +30k per column disregarding Force Markers.  The fact that Royal Paladins got such a great finisher gives them a great presence in the current 4-clan Meta.

Standard: 4/5

Premium: 3/5 (The pure kill ability that Soul Saver has might be enough to give it a good presence)

Next Time: The OG Guard Restricting ghost pimp

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