Shura Stealth Dragon, Jamyocongo
Shura Stealth Dragon, Jamyocongo

Shura Stealth Dragon, Jamyocongo
– #V-BT05/004 (VR)

[AUTO](VC):When placed and at the end of each turn, your opponent chooses six cards from his or her hand, and discards the rest of the cards from his or her hand. If your soul has a grade 3, your opponent chooses four cards instead of six.
Date Reviewed: August 29, 2019

Rating: 3.00

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Saikyo's Avatar

As the new set has graced us with 5 clans, we don’t have a Throwback Thursday this week. Instead, enjoy what WAS going to be the hottest shit in Premium with Shiranui Rinne, but has now been killed off by Bushi with an actual banlist.

Anyway, back to Standard, this is more of a setup card than an actual boss. Mid and Late Game shaving the opponent’s hand by six cards won’t actively hurt anyone except bouncers like other Nubatama decks, or draw engines like OTT, because guarding naturally should at least get the hand down enough, not that being forced to lose hand is ever something the opponent wants to do, especially in Late Game. When you can get the Grade 3 in the soul it’s nice, but unless you get lucky on a Soulcharge or something it might be a bit too late for it to matter if you’ve attacked enough times and damage is good.

Not really a build on its own yet but is a nice follow up to Magatsu or Kujikirikongo.


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