Sectio Angel
Sectio Angel

Sectio Angel
– #V-EB13/013EN (RR)

[CONT](RC):If you have a protect marker in the same column as this unit, this unit cannot be chosen by your opponent’s effects, gets “Intercept”, and can intercept from the back row.
Date Reviewed: April 27, 2020

Rating: 3.0

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Saikyo's Avatar

Oh my god, we have until 26th of June (at the time of writing) before we get the new Trial Decks. I can’t. Guys, there’s only so much filler.

But anyway, Sectio Angel. She’s not entirely bad, and given that using Protect 2 means having less Perfect Guards to go around something to give more defense is welcome, because at least this is one of the few Grade 1s where calling her doesn’t always mean you’ve given up her shield for it, but she has some issues. First, mass board wipe makes her sad as she only protects herself against targeting skills, and she grants no extra power, but in the long run they’re nitpicky as the G2s hit hard enough anyway.

She’s okay enough to try out I suppose, and combos well with Arch-aider to re-spam the intercepting, but try to go light if you need offense more.


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