Power Rise Elixir
Power Rise Elixir

Power Rise Elixir
– #V-TD10/016EN

COST [Counter Blast (2)] One of your units gets [Power]+20000 until end of turn. (This card is regarded as being from all clans)
Date Reviewed: June 29, 2020

Rating: 2.0

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Saikyo's Avatar

This is the newest mechanic Vanguard wants to showcase: Order Cards. They’re basically like Spell cards in Yu-Gi-Oh, in that you play them, resolve their effects, and then toss them to the drop after use. However, the Grade at the top of course lists when you can use it, meaning your Vanguard must be of that Grade or greater. It can be searched, as long as a card effect lists the Order’s Grade, so Altmile could put it from the deck to the hand.

Having said that, this isn’t very good. I know it’s a Trial Deck card and thus not meant to be mind-blowing out the box, but 20k power for a Counterblast of 2 seems steep, especially since power does have a threshold when any extra power means the opponent will just take the hit, and if not, they’ll just Perfect Guard it, particularly if it’s the vanguard. Frankly you could spend the Counterblast separately and use skills to spread the power around instead of just putting the eggs in one basket like this, for a card you can’t even ride or attack and defend with.

Not great. Let’s wait until more Order cards come out before we say they’re a mainstay.


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