Pentagonal Magus (V Series)
Pentagonal Magus (V Series)

Pentagonal Magus
– #V-BT03/002EN

[CONT](VC):The [Power] increase of trigger effects revealed for your drive check get +5000. [AUTO](VC):When it attacks, COST [Soul Blast (1) grade 3 & discard five cards from your hand], and this unit gets drive +3 until end of that battle. The number of cards discarded from your hand for this cost is reduced by one for each rear-guard with “Magus” in its card name in your front row.
Date Reviewed: 
February 6, 2019

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Saikyo's Avatar

I actually got terribly confused and thought I was reviewing Hexagonal Magus, the Trial Deck G3 today. But too late, the boss made the page and I’ll have to look fucking stupid all the way up to next week.

Anyway, Pentagonal is pretty baller – at first. 5 Drive Checks Sounds neat (as long as the front row of Magus is full). Thing is, it brings to mind something that does a similar job to Pentagonal and that’s Himiko in Genesis, which I think is better to sit on and actually faster in some cases. Sure the extra 15k to stomp through Front and Critical-guardians as well as shooting to 27k through a damage trigger is nice enough, but all the same, I suspect that CEO Amaterasu combined with the new G3 and Victorious Deer would actually generate more results for you. You can’t really sit on Pentagonal as far as a PRACTICAL defensive option is concerned and you need to make some unwanted concessions for the sake of name, to minimise the discard cost.

For the large part though I’d class this slightly above Imperial Daughter though. Not that it says much but hey ho.  


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