Nightmare Doll, Chelsea V
Nightmare Doll, Chelsea V

Nightmare Doll, Chelsea – #V-SS08/057EN (RRR)

[AUTO](VC):At the end of the battle it attacked, COST [Counter Blast (1)], call up to two from your soul to (RC). If your opponent’s vanguard is grade 3 or greater, those called units get [Power]+10000 until end of turn. [AUTO](RC):At the end of the battle it attacked, if your vanguard is a , COST [put this unit into your soul], choose up to one of your opponent’s rear-guards, and your opponent puts that unit into his or her soul.
Date Reviewed: April 14, 2021


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Saikyo's Avatar

So, we have Nightmare Doll Carroll’s newest and best partner. Ride Carrol, swing with her, swing with a RG Chelsea and absorb her with her second skill, ride Chelsea from the soul to gain back a +1 with Accel 2, use the first skill to generate a new column, swing again. Very convoluted as far as generating new attacks goes, and because it’s a re-ride and not a re-stand, you don’t get to keep triggers stacked on the Vanguard, but with Accel 2, you +0 wash in advantage and get another Vanguard attack in. It’s a pity you have to run pretty mono-Workeroid for this deck to function and you can’t skimp out on any of the important G3s, being Chelsea, Carroll and Alice.

Not the most meta of decks, but certainly an improvement over something like End of Stage as far as another Vanguard attack is concerned. And it’s one last way for Pale Moon players to loudly announce just how many attacks they can perform that turn.


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