Neon Messiah Aurion
Neon Messiah Aurion

Neon Messiah Aurion
– #G-TD15/014EN

[AUTO]:Forerunner (When a unit of the same clan rides this unit, you may call this unit to (RC)) [AUTO]:[Put this unit into your soul] When this unit is unlocked during your turn, if your vanguard is a , you may pay the cost. If you do, draw a card, choose one of your units, and it gets [Power]+5000 until end of turn.
Date Reviewed: December 11, 2017

Rating: 3.0

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So next week is when permission to me can be freely granted to review the second last G Booster ever, so let’s get the Trial Deck out the way since we haven’t done anything from it. So let’s start on Aurion.

The debate is, this or the old Neon Messiah? Old Neon nets you Stride fodder assuredly so you can control the advantage gained. This one is random in its transaction, but you get an extra 5k in power which could force out more shield in a pinch or just get an attack in for more damage. Personally, I prefer this one. To be fair, that largely has to do with the new Alter Ego that came with the Trial Deck. You’re netting a draw of three, more if you drop Basaltis or something, so the odds of you drawing some sort of Stride fodder are reasonably high enough to justify this card’s 5k in exchange for low quality advantage.

Not sure what else to expect from a starting vanguard, really. It’s a +0 that’s free and high enough in quality to not suck totally.



What’s up, Rogue Squad?!  So, riddle me this: what happens when you forsake the Deletors?  I guess in Ibuki’s case, he goes to the Messiahs, so this week, it’s going to be Messiah Week, and today, we’re looking at the new starter for said Messiahs: Aurion

Most Messiah players have had the debate over choosing this or the original Neon Messiah, and more than likely, I hear them say that they prefer this newer one, and I can’t blame them. Aurion gives an extra +5k and a free draw versus just searching for a Grade 3 with OG Neon not to mention that Aurion isn’t GB restricted like its predecessor, so being able to pull off its skill even against Chaos Breaker.

If you’re a Messiah player, go with this one, it’s not that bad and better than OG Neon.

Rating: 3/5

Artwork: 3/5 (It’s kinda cute…I guess?)

Next Time: Kinda ironic for a Messiah to get godly power ups from seeing so many chaotic locks and unlocks…

Go Rogue…Go Pro…and…I dunno…unlock the Meta?  I’ll get back on that one.

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