Knight Squire, Allen
Knight Squire, Allen

Knight Squire, Allen
– #V-TD01/008EN

[AUTO](RC):When placed, COST [Counter Blast (1)], and call up to one card with grade less than or equal to your vanguard from your hand to (RC). If you called, draw a card, and this unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of turn.
Date Reviewed: June 11, 2018

Rating: 3.13

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Saikyo's Avatar

So we’ve finally gotten the new Trial Decks now, and since we’ve got 2 weeks to burn before we can move on to the actual meat of the Standard Format, we’re basically doing this: reviewing basic bitch stuff that’s simple. Not good, but we have bugger all to replace them with even WITH the new booster.

So on that note, new Allen here. Not an immediate huge fan of random advantage as that isn’t Royal Paladin’s goal here, but it’s cheap. It generates the four RGs for Blaster Blade reasonably well. It’s 8k, so it makes magic numbers with the 10k beaters. So I don’t see any reason to lose him yet.


WarLycan's Avatar

What’s up, Rogue Squad?!  I guess it’s official: the V Era is now upon us, and with that, the format is now officially divided into Standard, G (which will be gone by the end of the year) and Premium, so personally, I’m going to be doing two separate scores from here on out: one for the Standard/G format (depending on the original era of the card because of Throwback Thursday) and one for the Premium format, and I guess Pojo will put in my Standard/G score for the overall rating, but enough with the officialities; let’s look at today’s card.

Allen is a pretty solid card for the new Royals.  A free call of something you were going to call originally with free draw and a 3k boost means that you don’t exactly neg in defense anymore and help with power columns as they’re now 17-18k depending on what deck you’re facing now.  The only real drawback is that it’s a Counterblast in a deck that doesn’t have a Countercharge engine yet, but overall, this is still an excellent card to have even once Royal Paladins get more support in the future.

Standard: 3.5/5

Premium: 2.75/5 (Blasters would be the best choice, but the deck is already restrictive with their Grade 1 lineup)

Artwork: 3/5

Next Time: The OG 10k vanilla got bloodthirsty.

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