Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel
Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel

Incandescent Blond Lion, Ezel
– #V-BT03/I01EN

[ACT](Hand):If you have “Knight of Superior Skills, Beaumains” and “Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth” on your (VC) or (RC), COST [Soul Blast (1) “Crimson Lion Cub, Kyrph”], ride this card as [Stand], and if your opponent’s vanguard is grade 2 or less, this unit gets drive -1 until end of turn. [AUTO](VC):When it attacks, you may call a card from your hand to (RC).
Date Reviewed: 
December 12, 2018

Rating: 3.00

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Saikyo's Avatar

I see Raven-haired Ezel reveal and I say that it’s bullshit that you need to shell out for two VRs for the same bloody deck. Anyway, Ezel here isn’t anything all that neat, I guess. Sure the Superior ride is nice, but aside from getting an Accel Circle early, I don’t get the big fuss. if nothing else, again this gets you out of Zanbaku, which once paired with Raven-haired Ezel once we do get it is nice to double up on. The second skill is more often than not a straight -1 to you to indulge in another attack which is either -1 from the opponent or an extra damage, so you need to combo this with on-call units that call OTHER units to make this really worthwhile.

Other choices of Grade 3 is sort of crap, so I guess this is at 4 so that you have half the Ezel deck going.


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