Snuffles' Total Tweakage

Here's some guidelines for submiting your decks to be tweaked:

1)       Please send your deck along with a desired effect or basic strategy. Decks are a lot easier to work with if I know what you are trying to accomplish with your deck.

2)       Providing me with a list of the shortages of cards will be helpful so that I don't go adding cards you don't have.

3)       Let me know what your deck's woes are. That is, let me know why it keeps getting beat or what decks it runs into problems with. This way I can take that into account also!

4)       And lastly, always remember, the deck is yours and we're here to have fun. Basically what I am saying is if I take out your favorite card, I am only doing what I think is best for the deck, but if you really want to play with it, it's yours to play!

Send your decks to: 



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