Hey, Snuffles (heh, I love Sirius. Anyway...). I kinda pulled an experiment the other night. See, I don't have a whole lot of Quidditch or Potions cards, for whatever reason, since I usually play with Charms or Transfig. I decided to use most or all of the cards from those two lesson types and try to slap together a deck. This is what I came up with:


- 1 The Famous Harry Potter [starter]

- 1 Race for the Snitch
- 1 Hut on the Rock

- 1 Muddy Practice

- 1 Cleansweep Seven
- 1 Bluebottle Broom
- 1 School Broom
- 2 Quidditch Through the Ages
- 3 Pewter Cauldron
- 2 Moonseed Poison
- 1 Potion Ingredients
- 1 Jawbind Potion
- 1 Magical Drafts and Potions

- 1 Quick Thinking
- 1 Bludger in the Stands
- 1 Bludger Bop
- 2 Sloth Grip

- 2 Dogbreath Potion
- 1 Dungbomb
- 2 Erumpent Potion
- 2 Butterfly Weed Balm
- 1 Elixir of Life
- 1 Malevolent Mixture
- 2 Boil Cure
- 2 Foul Brew
- 1 Dogbane Potion
- 1 Swelling Potion
- 3 Hospital Wing
- 1 Draught of Living Death
- 1 Shrinking Potion
- 2 Snape's Question

- 11 Potions
- 7 Quidditch

Bear in mind that every single Potions and Quidditch lesson I own is in there, and if I'm only running one of a card, chances are, I only have one to begin with (you'd think with an entire base set booster box, a starter set, and numerous packs, I'd have more, wouldn't you?). My main problem is that it's slow...I generally can't get the lessons out unless I have a decent shuffle, which I guess isn't surprising. It usually gets trounced by my boyfriend's Transfig and Creatures deck (which uses Hermione to get lessons out quick and kill me), but generally beats my other deck, which is Charms & Creatures. Basically what it does is try to stall the opponent long enough with cheap, small spells and use healing cards to try to recycle lessons until I have enough lessons out to either get the Moonseed Poisons out (wish I had four of those) or have enough actual Potions lessons (not items that provide lessons) to discard the two I'd need for Malevolent Mixture.

I thought about putting Ron in as my starter, and adding Nearly Headless Nick in as en extra character. That way I could use Ron's ability to use only one action to pull Nick out, then use his ability on my next action to search my deck for the two Moonseed Poisons. But you're the deck mech, not me, and I'd love to hear your suggestions so I could take this deck to the league next week and see how it does.


~ Winged Orange ~


Sorry, forgot something kind of important: I have one booster of Quidditch Cup cards (because they disappeared quick here and never returned) and only about five packs of Diagon Alley and one Adventures at Hogwarts. But, I do have almost the entire base set, if that helps.

~ Winged Orange ~





Hey there!  I totally know what it is like to try and build decks with limited cards!   So a lot of times with Decks like these, you have to settle for the best deck you can make with the cards that you have.  This can take a lot of work, but a lot of times these end up being my favorite decks because they end up being the most unique and fun to play.  I suggest starting out with what you have and as you get new cards, side in better ones for ones that you already have.  Generally, this means better damage or more annoying cards.  We emailed back and forth a little bit and I decided to go with Ron Weasley for your starting character because he is fun to play with (at least I think so) and you will get more use out of him then some of your other characters.




Ideally in this deck, I would suggest more Quidditch damage as they are relatively cheap and hurt your opponent a lot.  Fouled! and Cobbing are my favorites and there are several other good ones as well.  Potions should be limited to cards that only eat one of your lessons unless they are really worth it.  Exceptions to this rule in general are Malevolent Mixture and the like.  Some Brooms are good and some are not so good.  I like Comet 260 the best for this deck.  If you get more of these, put them in.  I don't like going with multiple brooms because there is usually one you want to keep out and if you draw another one and don't want to play it is a dead card in your hand.  As for adventures, you said that Creatures tend to hurt it, so I would go with the good ol' stand by Unusual Pets.




Characters:  Like I said, we are going with Ron Weasley.  Extra Characters are a lot of fun and can often come in handy.  I noticed you had quite a few good extra characters to play with, that is why I chose Ron.  Hannah Abbott, Draco Malfoy, and the Famous Harry Potter in particular are exceptionally good for this deck.


Adventures:  Let's hurt your opponent for playing creatures with Unusual Pets.  If they aren't playing creatures, you can discard this with Draco if you draw him.  And if you have Quirrel out with this card, play the adventure and then use his ability and they can't solve for a while either!


Items:  I feel that you did a pretty good job here.  Let's just stick to the Comet 260 for Brooms though.  Moonseed Poison is a great damage card and the books help you out with lessons.  Cauldrons for extra power and Ingredients for damage prevention…. Like I said… nice job!


Quidditch:  As I said above, add in Quidditch Damage as you get more cards!  Ideally we want 4 Fouled! and 4 Cobbing plus whatever else you can get your hands on!


Potions:  Stay away from the cards that only do one or two damage.  It is not likely that these will make a big difference in the game.  This goes alike for small heals like Boil Cure.  If you have bigger heals and better cards to put in, replace smaller heals with better damage.  Also, Elixir of Life is so hard to get to with this deck.  I know it's just a super cool card and I'll understand if you keep it in your deck, but I often find that this card fits into an extremely small percentage of decks. 


Lessons:  Add em as you get em!  Ideally we want about 22-25 lessons/power providers in most decks.  This can go up or down depending on your costs and what not also.         




Here are the Changes:



+1 Ron Weasley

+1 Professor Quirrel (This guy can be risky if you have a lot of items out, but he definitely helps against creatures)

+1 Draco Malfoy

+1 Hannah Abbott

+1 Dean Thomas

+1 Nearly Headless Nick


+2 Unusual Pets

-1  Hut on the Rock

-1  Race for the Snitch


-1  Cleansweep Seven

-1  School Broom

-1  Blue Bottle Broom


+1 Cobbing

+1 Fouled!

+1 Ouch!


-2  Erumpent Potion

-2  Foul Brew

-2  Boil Cure

-1  Elixir of Life

-1  Hospital Wing


+1 Quidditch

+1 Potions




Overall, I think you need to add some lessons and Quidditch Damage as you get them.  Ideally I would like to see you start out with Madam Rolanda Hooch so you only have to worry about Potions Lessons.


Anyways, here is the deck as it stands now! 


Deck Name:

Winged Orange


Starting Character:

Ron Weasley

Additional Characters:

1 Professor Quirrel

1 Draco Malfoy

1 Hannah Abbott

1 Dean Thomas

1 Nearly Headless Nick

1 The Famous Harry Potter


2 Unusual Pets


3 Pewter Cauldron

2 Moonseed Poison

2 Quidditch Through the Ages

1 Magical Drafts and Potions

1 Potion Ingredients

1 Comet 260


2 Sloth Grip

1 Fouled!

1 Ouch!

1 Cobbing

1 Bludger in the Stands

1 Quick Thinking


2 Snape's Question

2 Hospital Wing

2 Butterfly Weed Balm

2 Dogbreath Potion

1 Jawbind Potion

1 Shrinking Potion

1 Swelling Potion

1 Draught of Living Death

1 Malevolent Mixture

1 Dogbane Potion

1 Dungbomb


8 Quidditch

12 Potions




Well I hope that helps!

Let me know how it fares!

Take care and have fun!