Hi Snuffles! I worked EXTREMELY hard on making this deck and so far it is

5-1. it is a Quidditch/C.O.M.C. deck that is focused on small and hard

hitting damage and messing your opponent up by getting rid of his valuable

cards. Here is my list:


Character- Madam Rolanda Hooch (my Quidditch lesson)


Adventures- 4 Sticking Up for Neville(GREAT card! perfect thorn in the side

for opponents!)


Spells- 4 Cobbing (great damage card and get rid of card in play)

           2 Defence!( good to stall time)

           4 Fouled!(good early hitter to mess up opponent with one action,

perfect for early game)

           2 Hagrid and the Stranger(for bringing back a couple creatures if

I need it)

           1 Mid-air Collision(Great for finishing opponent)

           4 Ouch!(nice damage card and reduces opponent's hand!)

2 Out of Control(I like, I like a lot! 6 damage and four cards gone

from opp. hand!)

           2 Pulling Up(small damage, annoying, and get those lessons out

early with draw effect)


Creatures- 3 Cobra Lily(just annoyance, and any damage on 'em goes away)

                4 Cunning Fox(MUST HAVES! excellent annoyance and cheap!)

2 Quintaped (solid creatures that are nasty after a couple

turns of the 2)

2 Scabbers (MUST HAVE! okay, 1 damage, but never goes away,

good annoyance, and good for adventures or cards that make discards, cuz he

comes right back!)

                4 Vicious Wolf(plain, simple, and 3 hits. nice troops to mop

up you opponent)


Lessons- 20 C.O.M.C.


Okay, strategy was listed above. Now, my creatures have proven their worth

time and time again and are sooooo annoying to my foes. Hagrid brings back

what I want and cunning foxes and Scabbers are must have that I do not want

changed cuz they are excellent and cheap. my Quidditch cards keep nailing my

opponent and I love the lesson. Sticking up for Neville is great and very

annoying. Now, I am not annoying, but my deck sure is! It picks my opponents

apart! Now, it seems to be very good against all or mostly potion decks,

which I played 3 of my 6 battles against. It only lost to a

charms/transfiguration/c.o.m.c deck that got rid of my creatures, knocked off

my spells and creatures with In the Stands and 4 Privet Drive, and then hit

me with small spells to lose my deck. Grrr........ Anyway, I really need you

to help me fine-tune it, please, because I spent so much time on it and I

really want it to be ready for the TCG league I'm going to . I have a MAJOR

shortage on Diagon Alley cards, I have all the common and Uncommon(multiples)

of Quidditch cup and base set, and almost all the rares in each set, but

mostly only 1 of each. Please help! thank you!!!





What is up Alex?!  OK!  I put a lot of thought into this and consulted three other people…… so….. I think you have a good start here, I just fine-tuned it a little…  The resident expert on quid/comc at Pojo chat, Mr. Wozniac helped out a lot!  Just wanted to give him kudos and thanx.  And if he doesn't like kudos, I've got Reese's Pieces too!  Anyhow, in order to make this deck lethal, you need "early and STRONG" damage.  We are way toning down the costs of some of your cards.  Things like Defence!  and Out of Control cost way too much for this deck.  It wouldn't be bad if you had some advancement, but let’s face it…. quid and comc are not great at power advancement.  The other major change I made was I switched Sticking up for Neville to Troll in the Bathroom.  Although it does less damage, I think you will find it much more effective.   I'll fill you in on why down below.  Nuff said, Snuff says, so let's go disco dancing and shake our little tushes on the Mech. Walk. 




Characters:  She works great for you!  One thing I noticed is you didn't have any Brooms in your deck.  Now…. if you are playing with a character, I suggest you have a use for it… otherwise, it doesn't really help you except for that lesson.  So we are going to throw in 2 Comet 260 to help you out.


Adventures:  People are MUCH more likely to solve Sticking up for Neville than Troll in the Bathroom.  This is because it does so much damage.  PLUS!  Let's say you have another Troll in the Bathroom in your hand, ok?  Now they just solved your troll in the bathroom by discarding 7 cards.  you play it again!  but with sticking up for Neville, solving again isn't really a big deal. 


Items:  OK, didn't have any items, but we are going to add 3 Cage and 2 Comet 260.  Comet will stop one damage every turn from your opponent and that is nice!  especially if they solve your Troll in the Bathroom!  Cage can be used to return annoying creatures back to your opponent's hand.  It is especially mean to do this in combination with OUCH!  or a creature that makes them lose lessons!


Care of Magical Creatures:  For the most part, I didn't really change this.  We went with faster creatures and more of them.  Other than that, No big changes here.  Good Job!


Quidditch:  Faster Spells needed!  I had one slot left, so I threw in Biased Commentary.  If you think of something else you would rather have in there, go for it!  I just stuck to Ouch!  Fouled!  and Pulling Up.  If you haven't noticed, no card in this deck costs more than five. 


Lessons:  Perfect!  J




Here are the changes:



+4 Troll in the Bathroom

-4  Sticking up for Neville


+3 Cage

+2 Comet 260

Care of Magical Creatures:

+4 Boa Constrictor

+4 River Troll

+2 Quintaped

-4  Vicious Wolf

-3  Cobra Lilly

-2  Hagrid and the Stranger


+2 Pulling Up

+1 Biased Commentary

-4  Cobbing

-2  Out of Control

-2  Defence!

-1  Mid-Air Collision




And here is the deck!


Deck Name:

The Rock and the Hard Place


Madam Rolanda Hooch


4 Troll in the Bathroom


3 Cage

2 Comet 260

Care of Magical Creatures:

4 Boa Constrictor

4 Cunning Fox

4 River Troll

4 Quintaped

2 Scabbers


4 Ouch!

4 Fouled!

4 Pulling Up

1 Biased Commentary


20 Care of Magical Creatures




General Tips and Strategy:

Hit them fast and hard!  Your Creatures are the rock and your Quidditch is the hard place!  Troll in the bathroom is both!  Play it first turn if you can!  Grab you're Comet 260 early for lesson advancement and defense!  If someone plays an anti spell adventure, don't worry about it!  Hit them with your creatures!  likewise for your spells!  unless you have nothing better to do.  This deck has major power, but you have to be aggressive.   





Well I hope that helps you out!

let me know how it fares!

take care and have fun!

~ Snuffles