ok here it is:


Caricature deck


Ron Weasley (starter)


Severus Snape x 2

Marcus Flint x 2

Prof. Quirinus Quirrell x 4

Crabbe and Goyle x 4

Dean Thomas x 4

Fred and George Weasley x 4

Harry Triumphant x 4

Madam Pomfrey x 4

Peeves x 4

Griphook x 4


4 Privet Drive x 4

Through the Arch x 4

Riding the Centaur x 4

In the Stands x 4

Hagrid Needs Help x 4

Gaze into the mirror x 4


Strategy : use characters to hit for damage, heal, draw, or help get out adventures. the adventures are for keeping the opponent from hitting me and hurting them. Griphook and peeves are a good late game combo(though I really suck at using them and don't like them). help how you c fit. oh and it takes no lessons (DUH!). I thought about putting in Ron the Brave to get me more characters but.....couldn't find any space.




Hey there!  Just one little note: You can not have two different Ron Weasley characters out at the same time, so putting Ron the Brave in your deck would be useless.  However, you could start with him if you wanted to.  I am glad you sent me this because I was hoping to mech. one of these lesson-less decks.  With all the characters and adventures from all of the sets, it was just a matter of time before people started making these and they can be really powerful!  The only problem with these types of decks is that they are hard to build for casual play because almost all of the cards are rare.  I tweaked here and there with this deck, but for the most part it is exactly the same.  For those of you new to these decks, I'll include a basic strategy down at the bottom.





Overall you have really good choices here.  I wasn't a big fan of Marcus Flint because you want your opponent drawing cards, not discarding them.  Three cards in the end is not going to hurt them much because their hands should be pretty huge.  I also found you had enough drawing power with Harry Triumphant and Peeves.  I added some of the classic extra characters like Hannah Abbott and Neville Longbottom.  You shouldn't really need Neville, but late game he might save your deck from destruction.  It has already saved me two games that I play tested with this.  You MIGHT think about adding one or two Argus Filch just in case.  Adventures don't really hurt your deck, but if your opponent plays Argus, you will have a much harder time winning the game. 



Over all, I added options to this deck when dealing with Adventures and Characters.  There are certain adventures that basically shut down certain decks and we want to make sure we have at least of couple of those in here.  The big one is Pep Talk.  A lot of people play fast decks and can never actually solve this adventure.  Also, Human Chess Game is a classic one here.  You beat them down in the beginning and then slap down a Chess game and use Crabbe and Goyle to hurt them the rest of the game.  I'm not a huge fan of Gaze into the Mirror as I am of Through the Arch or 4 Privet Drive.  Sure it stops damaging spells, but it doesn't affect Healing, Steelclaw, Potions Exam, etc.  Also in any Adventure deck, Letters From No One is a must.  And of course Sticking up for Neville for the 4 damage ouchies.




Here are the changes:



+2 Hannah Abbott

+2 Neville Longbottom

-4  Dean Thomas

-2  Harry Triumphant

-2  Marcus Flint

-1  Professor Quirinus Quirrell

-1  Peeves

-1  Madam Pomfrey



+3  Sticking up for Neville

+3 Letters From No One

+3 Human Chess Game

+2 Pep Talk

-2  Gaze Into the Mirror

-1  In the Stands

-1  4 Privet Drive




And here is the new deck!


Deck Name:

Caricature Deck


Starting Character:

Ron Weasley


4 Through the Arch

4 Riding the Centaur

4 Hagrid Needs Help

3 In the Stands

3 Sticking Up for Neville

3 Letters From No One

3 Human Chess Game

3 4 Privet Drive

2 Pep Talk

2 Gaze into the Mirror

Additional Characters:

4 Griphook

4 Fred and George Weasley

4 Crabbe and Goyle

3 Peeves

3 Professor Quirinus Quirrell

3 Madam Pomfrey

2 Harry Triumphant

2 Neville Longbottom

2 Hannah Abbott

2 Professor Severus Snape




How do decks like this work?

Basically you stock your deck full of adventures that force your opponent not to be able to play the deck that they want to.  This deck pretty much assumes that you are playing against a deck that keeps the mainstream decks in mind.  If two of these decks meet up against each other it can get messy lol.  You pretty much keep your opponent drawing cards and solving adventures the entire game.  You have a couple Healers to keep your deck flowing and you have characters that force your opponent to draw cards.  This is good because it is like "invisible damage".  Also, there are a lot of cards that are fairly useless against this deck.  Picking on Neville and Cobbing for example.  Since this deck uses so many characters, if someone picks on your adventure, you just discard two characters you have already used and use them again.  Crabbe and Goyle pretty much finish off your opponent in the end and when you have nothing better to do with your actions because you are bound to have extra copies of characters or useless adventures in your hand.  Also, Fred and George's ability to replace adventures is invaluable.  If your opponent is close to solving Through the Arch, but they only have 3 cards in their hand, you can replace it with 4 Privet Drive or Letters From No One.  Usually the big attack is when your opponent has 10 or more cards in hand.  You use Griphook to make them draw 10 cards and the Peeves to reset both of your hands and they draw 7 more.  If they only have a couple cards, you do Peeves first. 




Well, I hope that helps!

Let me know how it fares!

Take care and have fun!