Hi there Snuffles,

I have build a deck (my first) that seems to be OK but for some reason it doesn´t work so good. Here it is.


Starting Character:

Prof. Minerva McGonagall



2x 4 Privet Drive

2x Hagrid Needs Help

1x Troll in the Bathroom



2x Pewter Cauldron



1x draught of living Death

1x Malevolent Mixture

3x Dogbreath Potion

2x Burning Bitterroot Balm

2x Hospital Wing

2x Jawbind Potion

2x Bloodroot Poison

3x Noxios Potion

3x Boil Cure

3x Foul Brew

2x Weakness Potion



1x Transfiguration Exam

2x Apparate

4x Incarcifors



22x Potions


The way I play is to get lessons on the table combined with adventures and then go for some asskicking with the spellcards.

I hope you can help me with this.





Hey there!!!! This has the makings of a good deck, definitely a nice attempt for your first deck! Yet I think you make a few common mistakes.  One is that you have too many spells that eat potions for lunch, by limiting these; you can limit your wasted actions.  All in all, that and a few choices that I will explain as I go on should make this a killer deck J


Starting Character:

Prof. Minerva McGonagall     J



0x 4 Privet Drive                    (-2)

0x Hagrid Needs Help           (-2)

3x Troll in the Bathroom       (+2)

3x Gaze into the Mirror         (+3)


Gaze into the mirror is better for this deck simply because you aren't playing with creatures…. they can still play spells, but only ones that don't do damage will have any effect…. troll in the bathroom is one of my favorite additions to any potions deck….  it provides constant damage and most people don't like to solve it….   Hagrid needs help is a good card, but most times it only sticks around for one turn… you might find it suits your deck better, but I prefer troll in the bathroom from the little playtesting I've done….



4x Pewter Cauldron                    (+2)


Get those puppies out!!!!!! You might only need one or two out at a time, but I think you'll find them very helpful…. this way, you are sure to draw one!



0x draught of living Death     (-1)

3x Malevolent Mixture           (+2)

3x Dogbreath Potion               J

4x Burning Bitterroot Balm    (+2)

2x Hospital Wing                     J

0x Jawbind Potion                 (-2)

0x Bloodroot Poison              (-2)

0x Noxios Potion                   (-3)

0x Boil Cure                          (-3)

0x Foul Brew                         (-2)

0x Weakness Potion             (-2)

4xPomphrey's Pick Me Up    (+4)


Ok.  A lot of potions cards aren't really worth the damage they do…. you can look at it like this…. noxious potion trades four of your actions for five of theirs…. one of your potions in play, the action of drawing noxious potion, the action of playing noxious potion, and the action of replacing the potion you lost….  foul brew doesn't cost any actions, but it is weak…. you may be thinking that you want these to kill creatures, but we will be taking care of that soon enough.  Add a couple bitters and some pomphrey's pick me ups… Pomphrey is a great card…. I think it is underated…. only play it if you aren't going to do something else besides draw though…. this way, you heal a little and you get your next card free J



0x Transfiguration Exam    (-1)

0x Apparate                        (-2)

4x Incarcifors                       J

4x Diffindo                          (+4)

4x Lost Notes                     (+4)


I tried to keep in trans exam cuz I love that card, but ten was just too hard to reach and stay at…  diffindo will serve you well…. remember mcgonagal gets rid of one adventure, diffindo should take care of the rest, or you can use them for creatures…. lost notes just keeps your opponent off balance.




22x Potions                          J


This amount looks good!




General advice and Strategy:

From the bat, try and gain control.  Limit their creatures and their items, while amassing power.  Build up, while they build up.  Then, hit them for a lot of damage in middle game.  Hit them for 18-20 cards all at once and hopefully have an adventure out at the same time.  Pay attention to your lessons in play.  If you have a malevolent in your hand and five power out, but they have a creature in play, it would be best to wait for the sixth so you can hit it with incarcifors.  Don't play cards just because you can… with any potions deck, you have to be careful of this…. ive played this deck a few times online and it seems pretty good, but the trick is the sudden smack of damage.  Dogbreath can be used on creatures, remember, but also pay attention to their library and yours; you may want to hit them instead. 


Anywho, enough of me rambling…  I hope this works out better for you!

Let me know how it fares!

Take care and have fun,