Tere! (It's hi in Estonian!)

I have made a deck with only base set cards in it. That's because I haven't got any others. Yes, you heard correctly. I live in Estonia (bet it's the first deck from here!;) and the Quidditch cup expansion isn't even available here yet! I blame WotC for that. Anyway, I think this deck is quite good, but I'd like to hear what you have to say about it. I've made a + at the end of the name of a card which I haven't got more - all copies of that card I have are in the deck. Also the situation with premium cards isn't marvelous. The name of the deck I've come up with is "Charming Creatures," maybe you can do better.


Starting character:

Professor Filius Flitwick+


3 4 Privet Drive+


2 Borrowed Wand

1 Dragon Heart Wand


3 Guard Dog+

2 Kelpie+

2 Mountain Troll+

4 Vicious Wolf


4 Baubillious

2 Bluebell Flames+

2 Confundus+

3 Fumos+

2 Logic Puzzle+

4 Hagrid and the Stranger

3 Mysterious Egg+

3 Nurture+


20 Care of Magical Creatures


The main strategy is to get my big creatures out and to defend them with 4 Privet Drive - a common strategy I think. Power goes up fast due the big amount of lessons and due the wands. (Dragon Heart Wand can be played when Borrowed Wand is already in play.) Flitwick's first ability is obvious and the second one is to do the last hit with a Bluebell Flames or to get rid of a pesky adventure with Logic Puzzle. The more unusual combo is the Fumos-Nurture combo: All my creatures have at least 3 health so they won't die when I cast Fumos. Then the Nurture comes in play and heals my creatures. It's quite devastating against a creature deck, even against a high-health creatures deck because Nurture is rarely used. Of course against spell decks it's not so good, but I like to use cards, that are not so widely used (like Nurture). It's only a game and a game must be fun! Mountain Trolls, Guard Dogs and Vicious Wolves are my main firepower. Kelpie might be a mystery here, but it has saved me many times when my opponent solves the 4 Privet Drive right away. My opponent won't play a devastating direct damage spell if I have it in play. It saves me time to get another Privet out while my opponent is waiting for that "weak" direct damage spell (at least a Stupefy or a Noxious Poison!) to get rid of Kelpie. It eats a lesson though, but still. Hagrid and the Stranger and Mysterious Egg allow me to get my creatures whenever I want and from ever I want. Baubillious is a nice card because I like cards that do something and allow me draw too! And lastly Confundus goes in a combo with 4 Privet Drive because it slows down my opponent in solving it. There.

P.S. I like your card of the day previews the best because you always try to find the good sides of a card! Keep up the good work!

Also please excuse my English. It's still a foreign language to me.




Tere!  Over all, I think you did a great job with this deck!  I only made a few minor changes, but I think they should help you out.  Thanks for putting in so much strategy and sorry it took me a while to get back to you.  I think the rest can be explained down below, so I'll skip all the small talk and just get to it J 




Starting Character:  Nice Pick!  Flitwick provides you with that charms lesson and has a very nice ability allowing you to get back one of your charms cards.


Adventures:  If you get another 4 Privet Drive somewhere down the line, I would put it in this deck, but since you only have three, well… there just isn't much we can do about that, now is there?  Otherwise, Nice Job!


Creatures:  At this point you might be wondering when I am going to start making changes.  J  Once again, I can't make any complaints here.  And also remember that with your Kelpie, you can choose which spells do damage to it.  This means that if your opponent plays a Stupefy, you can choose to take that damage and make your opponent waist a bigger spell on it such as Malevolent Mixture.  Since so many of your creatures already deal 3 damage, you might think about putting Rubeus Hagrid in your deck.  I didn't know if you had one, so I left him out.


Items:  Since only your 2 Kelpies require you to lose a lesson, let's throw in a cage or two, ok?  They act just like a lesson and might come in handy!  Also, why don't we just stick to borrowed wand?  the reason is this.... if you have a borrowed wand out and you play the dragon heart wand, not only do you have to lose your borrowed wand, but it is just like playing another lesson once you already have the borrowed wand out.  If you want to go for a wand combo, you might play with phoenix feather wand (flitwick + borrowed wand = 3 charms power), but this deck doesn't need  that much power.


Spells:  Baubillious is cool in that it lets you draw a card, but it only does one damage.  I would strongly suggest going to Vermillious here.  Or perhaps Toe Biter if you want two effects in one.  But Vermillious will take care of almost all creatures for you, so I think it is the better bet.  I am a big fan of Confundus, but you might consider Illegibilus or Out of the Woods.  If Confundus is used in conjunction with 4 Privet, than it is definitely better, but to get the cards out of their hand you want…. Illegibilus is the key.  just a thought J  You also might consider Titillando.  It costs a lot, but it has two effects and can really hurt your opponent AND can be aimed at a creature.  Other than that, nice job here and I must admit that the Fumos/Nurture combo is very original! 


Lessons:  Take out a couple Care of Magical Creature lessons for Cages. 




Here are the changes I made:



+2 Cage

+1 Borrowed Wand

-1  Dragon Heart Wand

Care of Magical Creatures:

-1  Hagrid and the Stranger


+4 Vermillious

+1 Confundus

-4  Baubillious


-2  Care of Magical Creatures


Like I said, I didn't make that many changes, I think you have a solid deck here, but I can see you went through a lot of thought on this deck, so I wanted to help you out.





Here is the new deck:


Deck Name:

The Fumigator  (if you don't like that, no worries, it mostly just sounds impressive J )

Starting character:

Professor Filius Flitwick


3 4 Privet Drive


3 Borrowed Wand

2 Cage

Care of Magical Creatures:

3 Guard Dog

2 Kelpie

2 Mountain Troll

4 Vicious Wolf

3 Hagrid and the Stranger

3 Mysterious Egg

3 Nurture


4 Vermillious

2 Bluebell Flames

3 Confundus

3 Fumos

2 Logic Puzzle


18 Care of Magical Creatures




This deck takes off a little slow if you don't draw that Borrowed Wand right away, but once you get to six power, it rolls fast.  And those Mysterious Eggs are great!   




Well, I hope that helps!

let me know how it fares!

take care and have fun!



p.s. your English is just fine J