from: mark

hi my decks name is a no name

my deck is about defense (Trevor, pet toad, and kelpie form spells and incarcifors and in the stands for creature damage) and attack (Norbert and creatures)

its bad against potion exam and potion class disaster.



1 Hermione Granger

Additional Characters:

1 Neville Longbottom


2 In the Stands

1 Pep Talk

1 Harry Hunting

2 Reptile House

1 Hagrid Needs Help

Care of Magical Creatues

2 Pet Toad

2 Trevor

2 Kelpie

1 Unicorn

3 Norbert

1 Fluffy

3 Cunning Fox

1 Mountain Troll

1 Boa Constrictor

4 Hagrid and the Stranger


1 Apparate

3 Desk into Pig

4 Steelclaw

2 Incarcifors


13 Care of Magical Creatures

9 Transfiguration




Hiya Mark!!!! This deck is oldschool and I dig that! Now let's take a look. OK. you said your main problem is Potions Exam and Potions Class Disaster. I think the main reason that your deck hurts so much from them is that it has too many cards that eat lessons. Desk Into Pig, Kelpie, Norbert, Fluffy, and Unicorn. That's a lot of power being eaten. Also, I think you will find Professor McGonagall suits your deck better than Hermione Granger. Her ability to solve an adventure can come in handy and you don't need to worry about Transfiguration Lessons this way. A little more creature defense couldn't hurt, so I'm gonna throw in a little more. OK. Let's take a look, now shall we?



0 Hermione Granger (-1)

1 Professor McGonagall (+1)


(look for the reason why J )


Additional Characters:

0 Neville Longbottom (-1)

2 Rubeus Hagrid (+2)


(With added creature control and your defensive creatures, you shouldn't have to worry too much about massive damage. But your opponent will when he sees this half giant hit the table!)



0 In the Stands (-2)

0 Pep Talk (-1)

0 Harry Hunting (-1)

0 Reptile House (-2)

0 Hagrid Needs Help (-1)

2 Sticking up for Neville (+2)

3 4 Privet Drive (+3)


(OK, I'm putting in 4 Privets because this will protect both you and your creatures. Sticking up for Neville simply adds insult to injury and helps stop decks with big hands. The adventures you had mostly focussed on lessons. And drawing one of those any point after early game is a waste of a draw. Pep Talk is great if they are playing low casting cards, but that doesn't seem to be your problem. I took out the others to make room.)


Care of Magical Creatues

3 Pet Toad (+1)

0 Trevor (-2)

0 Kelpie (-2)

1 Unicorn J

0 Norbert (-3)

0 Fluffy (-1)

4 Cunning Fox (+1)

0 Mountain Troll (-1)

0 Boa Constrictor (-1)

3 Hagrid and the Stranger (-1)

4 Doxy (+4)

4 Vicious Wolf (+4)

3 Guard Dog (+3)


(OK. Taking out most of the critters that make you lose a lesson. Norbert's really cool, but I think this mix of creatures will work better for you. You won't need Trevor, and the Pet Toads aren't unique, so you can have out as many in play as you want. Doxy helps kill little creatures and Cunning Foxes.)



0 Apparate (-1)

0 Desk into Pig (-3)

3 Steelclaw (-1)

3 Incarcifors (+1)

3 Take Root (+3)


(OK. Desk into Pig is not a bad idea, I just couldn't quite make room for it, and it eats a lesson, but through playing you may see where to add and take out. Upping the creature removal a little and taking out Apparate thanx to McGonagall.)



4 Cage (+4)


(Since we are going straight Care of Magical Creatures Lessons, we'll put in cages just in case. They often come in handy and if they don't, they act just like a lesson.)



18 Care of Magical Creatures (+5)

0 Transfiguration (-9)


(McGonagall provides all the Transfiguration you need.)




This deck starts out a little slow, but once it picks up, it does it fast. Pretty soon, you will be throwing down creatures left and right that will hopefully be doing five damage a piece. Steelclaw for extra gravy, added protection from adventures and critters and you should be set to go.


hope this helps!

let me know how it fares!

take care and have fun,