Whassup Snuffles!!
I just made a good deck, but under your hands, it should be better. Here is the list:

Starting Character:
1 Hermione Granger
3 Hospital Wing
2 Burnig Bittering Root Balm
2 Elixers

2 Obliviate
3 Vermilious
3 Stupefy

3 Transfiguration Exam
3 Diagon Alley
2 Golden Caludrons
4 Winged Keys
2 Phoenix Feather Wand
3 Pewter Caludrons
3 Invisibility Cloaks
8 Potions
8 Charms
9 Transfiguration


The point of my deck is to eternally stall the whole game.




Heya!!! I have to admit you hit my weak spot with this deck, these are my favorite kinds of decks to play.  One's that stall the entire game killing creatures, negating damage until you either wear your oppenent out or finally get to the point where you can just not worry about creatures and hit them with your damage spells.  I'll have to admit this is one of the easiest mech's I will probably ever do because I already have a deck much like this.  One thing I see lacking is a deck name.  Forever Lasting.


Starting Character:
0 Hermione Granger  (-1)

1 Professor McGonagall (+1)


 (This deck relies heavily on all of its lesson types, so adding Mcgonagall will help you a lot cuz you will never need to play a transfiguration lesson.  Hermione's ability is nice, but I think you will find you can get this deck off the ground with fewer lessons and adventures can hurt this deck , McGonagall will be your starting character.)



2 Hannah Abbott (+2)


(Timing is essential with these kinds of decks, a lot of times you will find that you have something in your graveyard that you want to hit your opponent with.  This is where Hannah steps in.)


0 Hospital Wing (-3)
4 Burnig Bittering Root Balm (+2)
0 Elixers

4 Potions Exam (+4)


(Elixir of Life is nice, but the problem is that most times I have actually found that I only need to shuffle in 8 or 9 cards.  And it eats 2 potions.  That's kind of a heavy price.  Remember that healing is up to a certain number of cards.  Therefore you may not want to shuffle in the max amount of cards…. only shuffle in things you would like to draw at the time or that may come in handy in the future.  Potions Exam is nasty, mean, cruel and downright naughty.  Even if your opponent is playing potions, they will miss the potions going bye bye because potions eats itself and they will need time to rebuild.)


3 Obliviate (+1)
0 Vermilious (-3)
0 Stupefy (-3)

4 Stream of Flames (+4)

4 Bluebell Flames (+4)

3 Out of the Woods (+3)


(Stream of Flames and Bluebell Flames will be your main damage cards.  These might not seem like a lot, but with healing, Hannah, and control they will build up over time.  Basically, how this deck works is to eliminate your opponents playing potential and then smack them around hopefully turn after turn come late game.  Out of the Woods is nice early in the game and with cards like halloween feast running around, its never a bad card in general)



3 Transfiguration Exam  J


(In the immortal words of Cusco: "BOOM, BABY!!!!)

0 Diagon Alley (-3)


(This is the perfect adventure for this deck, unfortunately too many people are playing McGonagall nowadays for it to have it's desired effect.)


0 Golden Caludrons (-2)
3 Winged Keys (-1)
3 Phoenix Feather Wand (+1)
3 Pewter Caludrons
2 Invisibility Cloaks (-1)


(If you have a pewter and a phoenix out, that should be all you need to worry about, we are stacking this thing full of charms to make sure you can play your phoenix feather wand, so potions will be more for healing and may not be around to play your golden cauldrons.  2 invisibility cloaks should be more than enough as it is a unique item and is so expensive.  3 Winged keys is also more than enough as this thing is stacked to the max with creature control.)

9 Potions (+1)
13 Charms (+5)
0 Transfiguration (-9)


(Don't need those pesky trans lessons any more, putting in enough potions for your pewters and your burnings and the rest goes to charms so you can get out your big old wand.)


There is A LOT of creature control in here.  If your opponent is playing a creature deck, they should be dead in the water.  In general, if your opponent is playing without potions, they should be dead in the water due to your potions exams.  The only problem I see is multiple adventures, so you may want to consider a diffindo or two, but I don't think they are necessary.)



Here is the deck as we have it now:


Forever Lasting Deck:


Starting Character:
1 Professor McGonagall


2 Hannah Abbott

4 Burnig Bittering Root Balm

4 Potions Exam


3 Obliviate
4 Stream of Flames

4 Bluebell Flames

3 Out of the Woods


3 Transfiguration Exam

3 Winged Keys
3 Phoenix Feather Wand
3 Pewter Caludrons
2 Invisibility Cloaks
9 Potions
13 Charms


Hope this works out better for you,

let me know how it fares!

take care and have fun!

~ Snuffles