From Colorful Pastorale, Caro
From Colorful Pastorale, Caro

From Colorful Pastorale, Caro
– #V-EB11/009EN (RRR)

𝄞Melody (Shares all of your 𝄞Melody) [AUTO](RC):When placed from hand, COST [Soul Blast (2)], search your deck for up to one card with the same card name as your grade 3 vanguard, reveal it and put it into your hand, and shuffle your deck. This ability may only be used by a card with the same card name once a turn.
Date Reviewed: February 7, 2020

Rating: 3.50

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Saikyo's Avatar

THE best G2 Melody card, and not even for Melody purposes. Whether if it’s to immediately set up Riviere’s re-ride for attacking, Pacifica rear-guard swarming, or whatever shenanigans you have involving your Grade 3, Caro here can do it all. Sadly she’s not spammable as the soul requirements are very steep, but then again it has to be considering what she’s got to work with, but as long as you can get one use of her off I’d consider it a good use of a turn.

Mid Game restricted and soul requirements dock some points but that still doesn’t change how staple and how versatile she is. 4-of if you can grab any.


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