Fix Shooter, Belkeael
Fix Shooter, Belkeael

Fix Shooter, Belkeael
– #V-EB13/019 (R)

[ACT](RC)1/Turn:If your vanguard is “Arch-aider, Malkuth-melekh”, your damage zone has five cards, COST [Counter Blast (1) & Soul Blast (2)], and heal a card from your damage zone.
Date Reviewed: April 29, 2020

Rating: 2.25

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Saikyo's Avatar

Oh, don’t be fooled. As much as I talked about backups to Arch-aider recently, don’t go thinking that this is the go to just because it’s specific. Look at the soulblast requirements. Together with Makuth-melekh you’re paying three soul, which consists of your normal rides up until that point, and few ways to actually refill the soul aside from re-riding and Auscultate Angel, and she’s not even an assured soul-filler. So this is relegated to being a tech card at best, because with no VG skill to take advantage of any game where you don’t get Arch-aider is a bad one, and it’s probably better to have a more stable backup to sit on until then.

Too specific requirements, too high a price and no VG skill means me no likey. Get as a tech but don’t go overboard.


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