Dragonic Overlord the Great
Dragonic Overlord the Great

#9 – Dragonic Overlord the Great
– #V-EB06/002EN (VR)

Date Reviewed: December 19, 2019

Rating: 3.50

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You may be surprised that my liberal inclusion of Kagero every year is surprisingly restrained: this is the only Kagero card that made it on the list. I have however compensated by including two Narukami on this list back to back. Phew, thought I was becoming inconsistent for a moment! But for your standard double-attacking needs that can also generate a new rear-guard for you, look no further than Dragonic Overlord the Great. I would advise against looking further anyway: further down the road is Overlord the End, and you’re going to flee back to this to escape the mediocrity.


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