Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion
Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion V

Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion
– #V-BT03/023EN

[ACT](VC)1/Turn:COST [Counter Blast (2)], and this unit gets [Power]+5000/[Critical]+1 until end of turn. If there are two or more rear-guards in your opponent’s front row, instead of [Critical]+1, when this unit would attack, it battles all of the units in your opponent’s front row.
Date Reviewed: 
February 27, 2019

Rating: 2.00

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Saikyo's Avatar

Gave this a whirl before I got Detonix Stinger in the post. Is he good? Is he fuck. The biggest problem I had with Vermillion as a deck was trying to capitalise on his skill. As he was the only one expected to wipe out the front row I had to run beaters such as Thunderstorm Dragoon and Rampart Wyvern out of necessity, and that meant Early Game was basically nonexistent, not to mention the deck died on its ass if you rode anything NOT Vermillion.

That’s even before we go into the fact he’s an attack-based wipe and thus does not proc Helena, Dusty Plasma or other cooler units.

Could have run Recklessness Dragon and similar and use the Detonix engine, but really, sure Vermillion does better with Detonix, but does Detonix work better with Vermillion? Nope, except as a tech for an Accel-heavy local meta.


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