Doreen the Thruster (V Series)
Doreen the Thruster (V Series)

Doreen the Thruster
– #V-BT02/020EN (RR)

[AUTO](VC/RC):When your card is put into your soul due the ability of your card, this unit gets [Power]+5000 until end of turn. (+10000 if Soul Charge (2))
Date Reviewed: November 30, 2018

Rating: 3.50

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Saikyo's Avatar

CLARIFICATION: The stuff in brackets is an example. If you soulcharge 3 at once, you gain 15k power, for example.

And on that note, what else is there to say about this? On a Death Anchor turn it’s an extra 20k+ power making her an incredible booster if your RG is attacking last, or a strong attacker in a pinch.

The sheer amount of soulcharging in this deck gives plenty of room for this at 4. This aside from Death Anchor is your main offense and a bit too good not to run.


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