Dimension Creeper
Dimension Creeper

Dimension Creeper
– #V-BT04/012EN

[CONT](RC):If your soul has a grade 3, this unit gets [Power]+5000. [ACT](Soul):COST [Counter Blast (1) & put this card on the bottom of your deck], and you may Soul Charge (3).
Date Reviewed: 
April 2, 2019

Rating: 3.00

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Saikyo's Avatar

Clever. Unlike old Creeper it doesn’t go to the drop zone, so no recycling with Ruthven for stupid Doreen columns for you. However, it makes up for it by being a solid booster, being 13k, so anything that can swing for 10k+ makes magic numbers against Force. If nothing else he’s also a good target to absorb with Death Anchor too.

Aside from that it does what Creeper does well enough, although as always quite a lot of the time actually getting one in the soul is chance-reliant, and any that aren’t tend to be late in the game.

Still solid though, don’t get me wrong.


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