Dauntless Drive Dragon
Dauntless Drive Dragon V

Dauntless Drive Dragon – #V-SS10/022EN (RRR)

[AUTO](VC):At the end of the battle your drive check revealed two or more normal units, one of your front row rear-guards gets [Power]+10000 until end of turn. [AUTO](VC)1/Turn:At the end of the battle it attacked, if your hand has four or more cards, COST [discard three cards from your hand], and [Stand] this unit. [AUTO]:When rode upon, choose one of your vanguards, and it gets all of this card’s [AUTO] abilities other than this ability until end of turn.
Date Reviewed: April 2, 2021

Rating: 3.50

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Saikyo's Avatar

Well, the first skill has no clause for when you Drive Check an Order card. Bully for anyone who wanted to try that, I guess.

Anyway, as a Kagero man, of course I couldn’t forget Dauntless. As a standalone card, -3, then +2 back, so an overall -1 to re-stand is…not a price I would be UNWILLING to pay. Actually, that makes Dauntless a good Vanguard to sit on. While it’s not the most inventive skill it is a good one by virtue of how much the strat generates, particularly when Force 1 is in play. First skill only targets rear-guards, which I assume is a clause in case anyone wanted to abuse this by combining this re-standing Vanguard with another, which is generally less interesting to talk about, so let’s talk about the third skill.

What would you want to pass on the ability to re-stand and gain power if you whiff the Twin Drive? Blademaster Souen is a good choice, since the first skill refers to ANY Drive Check, so the Vision Token has a chance too. That’s about it though – Waterfall can’t really be used twice a turn unless the game went that slowly, and Overlord the X is…SUPER cheese, and yes, I’m willing to admit that tossing 3 cards for Dauntless, then 3 cards for the X, then swinging twice with the Vanguard is…funny, but where would you find the space in the deck, OR the hand to reliably pull those shenanigans? Plus, The X needs four or LESS cards – Dauntless requires four or MORE.

Good partner to just about any Kagero boss that you could afford at the time. Failing that, it’s a good card generally. Shame it gains no power by itself, but then again that would have made it a bit too good.


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