CEO Amaterasu
CEO Amaterasu

CEO Amaterasu
– #V-BT01/007EN

[ACT](VC)[1/Turn]:COST [Counter Blast (1)], draw a card, look at the top card of your deck, and put it on the top or the bottom of your deck. [AUTO](VC/RC):When you look at your deck due to effects during your turn, this unit gets [Power]+5000 until end of turn. (Activates for “look”, “reveal”, and “search” effects. +5000 each time you look regardless of number of cards)
Date Reviewed: June 29, 2018

Rating: 3.00

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Saikyo's Avatar

Don’t think about abusing her in Premium with Globe Magus, because rulings say that she only powers up once in that case.

Anyway, this is more often than not your first ride in OTT. You get to +1 every turn, unlike Imperial Daughter who only gets one on-ride, and her power-bonus is good on either RG or VG circle, so at least you have a source of pressure and you don’t feel compelled to ride constantly.

Not much to really say after that though, although I would have still liked to get a free scry like old CEO, although if it’s going to strictly +1 you, fair enough for it to carry a cost.


WarLycan's Avatar

What’s up, Rogue Squad?!  For our last card for this week (and my last card for a while), we have the original boss of OTT, Amaterasu.  The one thing you’re going to abuse the most about Ammy is that she gets +5k for every time you have to look, search or reveal cards from your deck.  In short, the more deck manipulation you can do, the stronger Ammy is going to get.  Unfortunately, it’s not as exploitable as people think in Premium, as Globe Magus isn’t able to stack with Ammy as she only gets 1 power-up, but that still doesn’t stop her from being a potential threat and a solid backup Grade 3 for the Daughter.

Standard: 3/5

Premium: 2.5/5

Like I said on Monday, this will be my final CotD for a while as I will be having back surgery on July 3rd and will be out of commission for a while.  I’m not calling this a goodbye as I plan on being back, but that just means you have to deal with Saikyo by himself for a while ;P Either way, I’ll be back, but as always…

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