Saturday, June 25, 2022

Reviewing Every Core Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Set: GX Era

Get your game on! Hello Pojo Readers, Crunch$G here with batch two of the review of every core set in Yu-Gi-Oh history. This time,...
Parks Board Game Box

Parks Board Game Review – A Trip That’s Worth Taking

Parks is an artful new board game designed by Henry Audubon and published by Keymaster Games.  I saw this at GenCon and purchased it...

Trails Board Game Review – Is it Worth the Hike?

Trails is new board game from Keymaster Games.  Keymaster Games also makes Parks, which is a game we reviewed a couple of years, and...

Reviewing Every Yu-Gi-Oh Structure Deck: January 2005 – January 2007

"The Structure Decks are tournament tough, ready to play with out of the box with powerful hard to find cards." -Upper Deck Entertainment Well time...

Transformers TCG Review and First Impressions

Transformers TCG at Gen Con 2018 I spent 3 days walking around the Gen Con floor in Indianapolis, Indiana this past weekend.  Gen Con is the...
Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Definitive Edition

Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Definitive Edition – PS4 Review – Frustratingly Fun!

Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Definitive Edition is a new RPG (role playing game) for PS4 and XBox One.  The game hit stores on August 18,...

Yu-Gi-Oh Structure Deck: Freezing Chains – What You Should Know

The dragons have awoken from their slumber. Hello Pojo Readers, Crunch$G here to tell you all the information about the new Structure Deck: Freezing...

The Mistake of the Dragon Rulers – Yugioh

Hello Pojo readers, your friend Crunch$G here back with another article. This time, I will like to take a trip back about 5 years...
Transformers TCG Devastator Box

Transformers TCG – Devastator Deck Opening and Review

We just got our hands on the new Transformers Devastator TCG Deck, and opened it so you could have a look inside.  Here is...

Starter Deck: Codebreaker: What You Should Know

Time to break the code. Hello Pojo Readers, Crunch$G here with some more information about another new product. This time around it is on...