Brutal Jack (V Series)
Brutal Jack (V Series)

Brutal Jack (V Series)
– #V-EB06/017EN

[CONT](VC/RC):During your turn, this unit gets [Power]+10000. [CONT](RC):This unit cannot [Stand] during stand phase. [ACT](RC)1/Turn:COST [[Rest] two rear-guards], and [Stand] this unit.
Date Reviewed: 
June 28, 2019


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Saikyo's Avatar

So the obvious partner to this is Raizer Custom, who will re-stand after this card does, but with the newest edition of Nova Grappler centering around the new Beast Deities I dunno if that will altogether still be relevant. He is still a lovely partner to the Accel Circle so it can hit for 29k and not need to run Maximum Raizer for it.

He’s okay, but running him requires having to center the deck around the fact he exists. I’m not sure if that’s worth the trade off necessarily in consistency, but I don’t really remember the first NG deck being all that amazing, so go nuts testing this I guess.


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